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"Bikatsu! Conceited Body Plan" Part XNUMX

know the truth about men

to men.

After 20 years, it's a different creature.

The young woman is silent, but mostly "Something stinks, I feel sickIt is believed that

Smell is "living smell"

Eliminating life odors is a difficult task unless you have a very high sense of beauty.

Unfortunately, diet and daily life cannot be erased by old-fashioned perfumes and fragrances...

Cigarettes, alcohol, old-fashioned hairdressing products, still used drawers?The camphor of…

Hair styling products are now natural organic cosmetics!

A lot of lives that are not conscious of trends at all.

Brooks Brothers and Fred Perry's "heritage goodness" and "old-fashioned dressing" are completely different things.

The ultimate analogy is "Hmm, is this the fabric softener that your wife uses?"I'm sniffing my pants.smile

"that's a nice proposal"And"It's nice to have a fit body” is just right for a pseudo-romance, knowing that it is a “social comment”.

As an ultimate example, from the perspective of a woman whose job is to model clothes, she honestly thinks, "Uncle, that's just normal and not good at all."

I can't get along without an allowance.

Models polish themselves and make money by putting clothes on their bodies (selling clothes). I will.smile

When meeting for the first time at a dating club, etc., men should not inform or hand over their "business card" or "title", which are proofs of their social status, to avoid risks.

It's a place where you can get naked and hit your head, so some consulting company gathers managers and says, "I will confiscate my cell phone (personal connections), business cards (title) and wallet (money), and now I will appeal to myself and achieve 〇〇. I think it's a bit similar to "Please do training camp".

I feel like I'm close to life after retirement.

If you meet them on the roadside, they are just "Ojisan" or "Ojisan".

To that lovely "lady"

How do you know yourself, how do you live a long life from now on...

The above are just a few examples, but women really put a lot of effort into participating in society.

Moreover, while facing the "time limit of reproductive function" every day, I work by exchanging time for money.

Men, please keep your cleanliness more than now so that women don't think it's disgusting.

It just becomes wrinkled here and there, and it reflects diffusely and looks dirty. *Outfits omitted

Please enjoy a woman's body with care.

Women are worth that much.

Men, just as you improve your business, challenge yourself to be worthy of a nice "lady".

Because each of us is carrying the future of Japan on our shoulders.

[It is normal to be seen with a calm and collected gaze] and start acting.

"When can I fall?"

Let's enjoy living and working every day as if we were standing on the edge of a cliff

"The purpose of my life is 〇〇"

From now on, I will send out my experiences and things I have tried that I will introduce in this column title.

If you are inspired and find it interesting, please try it at your own risk.

"A better life full of originality!'

Autonomous investment example [Hip joint adjustment]

Investment reference price: 6,500 jpy〜15,000 jpy

"Ah.Hmmm, I-I-I-I-I-I!Itatatata...'


"I can't do it anymore.'

"I can't...lol.This hip joint is very stiff.When it gets worse, I won't be able to help, and the day will come when I will be indebted to an orthopedic surgeon.'

"Will I still make it in time?'

I was worried that my body was getting more and more wobbly, so I jumped off the Kiyomizu stage with a day's worth of earnings in order to face my body.

So I just headed to the "personal training gym" in my neighborhood, but the threshold is very high for me in the category of "local madam".

My exclusive trainer says that the range of motion of my leg's hip joint is off and loose!

So, a gourd body without inner muscles! ?Heads up


Weird way of walking with tight thighs and crab legs

The buttocks are saggy and the belly is chubby

Auntie with a rounded back!

When I was a student, I learned about the lifelong changes in human body shape.

Will this day finally come?

Just imagining it makes me dizzy

Body types not targeted by all high fashion, fast fashion, and select fashion

Cutting drawings planned only by the supermarket 〇〇 association and 〇〇 union...

A row of clothes in Mrs. Corner

Will I have no choice but to shop there like my mother and grandmother? !


Where is your hip joint?And my head is in a state of panic for a while:(;゚'ω゚'):

The trainer brought a model of the pelvis and hip joints.

Oh again

You don't treat me like a woman.

It's kind of frustrating...

Strictly squeezed by a handsome trainer "Let's remember the hip stretch that can be done in bed before going to bed!'

Excited and excited!I feel so horny before going to bed.Popping, popping, popping~ My "hip joint"

I just finished training to train my core today...

I have never met a handsome member at a personal training gym

This is a place where desperate people who have a sense of danger for their bodies go.

A place where you don't have to meet anyone

Evacuation site *If you are conscious of meeting a high-income man, go to a high-end membership gym, such as those in 〇〇 Town, 〇〇 Hills, or 〇〇 Hotel, where you can be next to a man. We encourage you to join us.

next time

Autonomous Investment Example "Join the Dating Club"

Reference price: transportation fee + 0 jpy ~ 100,000 jpy

"Bikatsu! Conceited body plan XNUMX"

Confronting [woman] head-on ~ What is the sense of beauty! ?Thinking about what professionalism is


Late-blooming Madoka-nee who has nothing to do with aesthetics and is said to have a bad navel by her boyfriend.An almost 50-year-old aunty everywhere passed a dating club interview.I will tell you about the process of her falling down beyond her age, which was fine just by being young, and her worries from her perspective.

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