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"Bikatsu! Conceited Body Plan" Part XNUMX

Confront "woman" head-on

~ What is the sense of beauty! ?Think about how to invest and earn autonomous money ~

Start by drawing the end

“Autonomy” is to act according to the norms set by oneself without being controlled or restricted by others.

"Independence" means to stand on your own without receiving help or control from others.

As you all know, in order to make money, you have to balance "earning with your head" and "earning with your body".

"Because the brain and body are connected.Unless both of them stay healthy for as long as possible, they will not be able to carry out "autonomous" activities in a super-aging society in an era of 100-year lifespans.I can't enjoy business or sex.'

[Japan's reality] Life expectancy

Average life expectancy in prewar Japan remained in the 40s

In 1950, shortly after the war, the average life expectancy was 58.0 for men and 61.5 for women.

In 60, the average life expectancy for women surpassed 80 years, and in 25, the average life expectancy for men surpassed 80.

According to the 26 abridged life table (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare), the average life expectancy for women is 86.83 years and for men is 80.50 years, making it the country with the longest life expectancy for women and the third longest life expectancy for men in the world.

If you survive the average life expectancy, you will continue to live an additional 10 years or so after that.

After the war, Japanese people lived longer than 30 years.

[Japanese reality] Healthy life expectancy

As of 25, 2013 years for men and 71.19 years for women are the periods during which daily life is not restricted due to health problems. The period will be about 74.21 years (according to the White Paper on the Aging Society 10)

In the Reiwa era, Japan is aging at an unprecedented speed.

At the time the pension system was established, 5% of eligible pensioners were in their 60s and exceeded the average life expectancy.Today, 5% of people live longer than 85 years old.The current pension eligibility age of 60 is still socially active.However, they are not as cognitively or physically as they were when they were young.How do you get your spot?

If you were to retire at 70, how would you like to spend the next 25 years until your life span?

If you prepare from a young or middle age, it will be easier for you to have a second or third life, a different job or social participation.

What kind of life do you live with in mind working from sprinter by age 65 to long distance runner by age 80?

"I've already fallen so far, but I wonder if I can live another 50 years'

People look 100%

When we meet, everyone says,Nice to meet you'

At a dating club, everything starts with "100% of people look good".

First of all, "photo viewing" and "nice to meet you"!

know the reality of women

The average age of menopause for Japanese women is 50-51 years old.

To live another 35 years longer than this!

Do you have a body that can compete with women of your age?

Do you have a sense of beauty that stands up to your age?

Thinking about such things, carefully looking at yourself completely naked and "knowing the reality" is the start to be conscious of "aesthetics".


A woman's body is very delicate

Keeping things clean is really hard (below are just a few examples)

Is your hair shiny?

Don't you have an old-fashioned hairstyle?

Are your eyes bloodshot (dangerous if you have eyelash extension trouble or sexually transmitted diseases)

Do you take care of your whole body and skin problems?

Sensitive to slight changes in the body (spots, wrinkles, sagging, etc…)

A gynecologist told me that I can't even get pregnant just by taking allergy medicine, so medicine is a risk.

10 years later, XNUMX years later, I'm the one who feels sad.

Women are delicate bodies and not everyone can get pregnant.

It is necessary to learn and realize that the reproductive organs are a series of miracles.

Have you updated your cosmetics and makeup?

Are you overgrowing your toenails or are your nails bald?

Do you go to the dentist every month for cleaning?

Do you pay attention to your body posture?

Do you have a gynecological examination? Examination and prevention of infectious diseases.Confirm your current physical condition with your doctor.If you follow your own path, you won't be in time for the important "time".Hormonal balance adjustment is good for maintaining health and trying to conceive , It is also essential for menopausal measures.)

Have you taken good care of your unwanted hair?

Is your eating habits disordered? (Are you aware of nutritional balance, such as carbohydrate counts, as well as nutrients that are deficient with age? Can blood test values ​​reveal nutritional balance?)

Regular life is essential

Women should never be sleep deprived.life is disrupted.

Think about whether "regular in your own way" is not wrong and act accordingly.

It's a long-term battle because life expectancy has increased.

*I will omit the clothes this time.

"It's pathetic...this is my current situation...'

…Continued to Part XNUMX of “Bikatsu! Conceited Body Plan”

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