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I don't like it, but it's cheaper than others, so would you go out with me?


You don't like it, but are you dating because it's cheaper than other girls?






If you use the word cheap, you will inevitably imagine a monetary meaning.


However, "cheap" does not only mean money.


The word cheap can be applied to all these costs, such as time, physical strength, and mental strength.


Consider food, for example.


Suppose there is a woman who doesn't complain even if the store is cheap, but she always chooses a different store every time, and gets angry when she doesn't explain why she chose that store.In this case, it can be said that it is cheap in terms of money, but the cost in terms of physical strength, time, and mental strength is enormous, so it cannot be said to be cheap.


On the other hand, in the case of women who say, "I don't care about anything expensive," it can't be said to be cheap in terms of money.However, men don't have to worry about the cost of shopping, so it can be said that the cost in terms of physical strength and mental strength is cheap.


men like cheap women

There is no way to deny that the word "cheap woman" has a negative impression.However, in fact, being "cheap" is one of the greatest attractions for men.


There is no man in this world who wants to date an expensive woman.It's a bad word, but if the quality is the same, it's the same as anyone choosing a cheap store.


So, if I were to answer your question this time, it would definitely be possible to say, "I don't like it, but I go out with it because it's cheap."


However, this is more like a feeling of "I love this woman because she's cheap" rather than "She's not my type, but it's cheap so why don't I go out with her".


As I said earlier, the word cheap has an extremely bad image, but if you put it in a beautiful word, there is no doubt that it will be a word like "being natural" or "being together and calming down."


In other words, it would not be an exaggeration to say that almost all of the characteristics of women that men like are related to "cheap".Cheap also means "cheap woman", but at the same time it can also be understood as "a woman with good cost performance".


hate high cost

“If you want to go out with me, you should spend at least XNUMX a month on beauty products and weigh XNUMX.kgIf someone says something like "Keep the table," that would be annoying.Even if you were able to date the man by some mistake, would you really have affection for a man who would say such things?


I admit that I exaggerated a little, but "not cheap women" is structurally the same.What you have is not love, but rather hate.


Of course, I understand the desire to spend money, and I think it would be frustrating if someone took me to Saizeriya on a date.However, there is no doubt that if a woman who gets angry at being taken to Saizeriya and a woman who can laugh at "on the contrary, it's interesting", the latter will be preferred.


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