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5 charms of popular uncle dads in matching apps

Papa active girls who increased due to corona misfortune.Now is the time to get to know various dads through matching apps, but it seems that there are many voices among today's daddy active girls saying, "I prefer men in their 50s and 60s to young dads!"What is the charm of uncle papa? We approached five reasons!


Charm of Uncle Papa ①… Calm down

“Recently, the age group of dads has been falling, and there are many dads in their 40s. It’s good that they look young even in their 40s and don’t look like old men, but there are also many cool people. Dads from a long time ago. Active girls used to be mostly hostesses and gyaru, but now the main ones are ordinary college girls, office workers, and housewives.

“Dads in their 40s are still busy with work and have the image of being stubborn with girls. However, most of the restaurants where uncles in their 50s and 60s go are quiet restaurants with nice private rooms. You can enjoy it.” (24/Female)


The Charm of Uncle Papa ②…He spoils you

“There are many young dads who think that papa-katsu = warikiri, and even if they go to a hotel, they put on clothes as soon as the sex is over. Especially now that I can't go to college due to the corona virus, there are many children who want to be spoiled by daddy activities. They are very knowledgeable and talk a lot.” (20-year-old female)

"Recently, I met an uncle in his 50s through a matching app. At first, he was just a daddy, but he's very kind to me, so I've fallen in love with him. Talking about work and talking about the future. She listens to me with empathy, so when I feel lonely these days, I contact her and meet her.Unlike young boys, she's nice to me even if she doesn't have sex." (25-year-old female)


Charm of Uncle Papa ③…Not greedy

“Many young dads are trying to make a little money with their dad activities, so they have a lot of sex. I don't try to touch her when I go outside, and some people are happy just to sleep with me." (2-year-old female)

"I don't try to please women when I have sex with young men, I only do it to satisfy my own sexual desire. When men have sex with men, they genuinely try to please women, so it's polite and pleasant. It's not like I'm ravenous, but there are a lot of people who want to take their time and enjoy themselves.


Charm of Uncle Papa ④… Good at talking

"Young dads only talk about themselves, and sometimes they preach to me, which can be tiresome. Compared to that, uncles are good at talking. I like that they are slow and slow, unlike others. They don't speak loudly, so I can speak properly even in a calm restaurant, which is attractive." (25/female)

“Of course I am good at conversation, but I also like how he remembers what I said. On the other hand, young people often ask, "Didn't you say you wanted to come to this store?" I think I'm meeting a lot of different girls." (26 years old/female)


Charm of Uncle Papa ⑤…He will keep you company for a long time

“Many young dads say that one sex is enough and it’s over, and not many people want to exchange contact information. And I feel more at ease with my dad because I can see him again and again.” (1-year-old female)

"It's been three years since I met my current dad through a dating app. At first, it was just for the sake of getting to know each other, but recently we've been dating for a long time, and sometimes we go out drinking together, and it's like we're best friends. When something happens, My dad always asks me for advice. I'm divorced, but I think it would be nice if he secretly looked at me as a romantic interest (laughs)." (3-year-old female)


Uncle has a lot of charm!

Even if it's not for the purpose of being a daddy, attractive uncles may be more popular than young handsome men as ordinary romantic targets.It may be an ant to have a long relationship with a reliable adult uncle! ♡

Divorced romance writer.A former bitch with 3 digits of experience.We will introduce recent dad life circumstances from various love situations of men and women that we independently investigated.

Article by Aoi Yamazaki

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