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I can't afford to pay a high price!A perverted daddy episode that a girl pulled

Daddy active girls who continue to increase due to the corona recession.I think there are various types of girlfriends, from good dads to stingy dads, but it seems that there are also perverts and dads who make women feel like "this is a bit...".This time, we investigated the "perverted dad episode" that the girls who live as daddy actually encountered!

Another woman...?

"My dad, whom I met at a dating club, offered me a pretty good amount of money, with an allowance of 8 for adults. He's old, but he's gentlemanly, so I thought that even an adult would be fine.At a later date, my dad contacted me and asked me to meet him, so I went to the room at the city hotel that my dad had specified. There was another girl in the house!Yes, the purpose of Daddy is 1P.Moreover, it seems that you can't get an erection if you don't attack at the same time from two people, so I was forced to attack you for two hours.

My jaw gets tired, and I'm going to use my physical strength, but I wanted you to give me a break.But what I hated most was having to lick it with another girl.Papa seems to love it and says, "Both of you look up and lick it at the same time!" ', she was excited, but she couldn't lick the same rod as her, maybe because I'm a strange and fastidious person... The allowance of 1 was quite good, but in the end, I only met him once (laughs)” (2-year-old female)


5 plus...

"It's a youthful story, but when I was in my early twenties, I was working as a dad on a site. The president who has an office in 〇〇 Hills.Moreover, he is quite young, and I was expecting that I could expect a considerable allowance.And I decided to go to a nearby city hotel with my dad.Papa said, "The allowance is 20 is fine, right?', so of course it's OK!

However, what Dad said after that was a surprising line.Surprisingly, he said, "Let me go inside with a plus 5."Honestly, I can't do it at first! I thought, but I wanted money, so I was a little worried and said OK.Gatsuri, I was sent inside and headed to the obstetrics and gynecology department.I took the morning after pill as soon as it was prescribed.Fortunately, I didn't have any sexually transmitted diseases or anything like that, but if it's now, it's absolutely impossible.I wonder if that dad is still doing vaginal cum shot for 10..." (29 years old/female)


A funny dad who drinks a mysterious aphrodisiac

"The dad I'm dating now is 42 years old and the president of a consulting company. His sex is relatively light and the allowance is 5. But strangely, even though he's young, he's always an aphrodisiac. Before going to the hotel, it seems that I was taking Viagra, but it seems that it is not good for my heart, so now I am taking a mysterious honey-like aphrodisiac. But what's even more strange is that Papa has a wife, and she's a very beautiful woman.

But my dad said, 'I haven't had sex with my wife in years.A young and cute girl like you is much better~'I'm happy to be praised, but I don't think I'm in the cute category (laughs).However, my dad said "cute x 2", and she has several other girls who are active as dads, but when I showed her a picture, they were all very weird...Leaving a beautiful wife alone, drinking a mysterious aphrodisiac with a girl who isn't cute and having sex... in a way, it's quite a pervert, isn't it? (laughs)"


There are more!hentai daddy episode

“Dad, I had a pipe cut so there was no end to it, and I would keep attacking him until I was satisfied.

"My dad loves cosplay. I thought he was going to let a girl wear it, but he even brought his own costume (laugh). I played molester play with a JK and a teacher." (22 years old / female)

"My dad is a foot fetish who just touches my feet and takes pictures. Finally, I finish with a footjob! It was easy, but it was good, but the next day my legs were sore..." (25-year-old female)

"He seems to like being seen by people and having sex, so he asked me to 'watch him have sex with a different girl next time.' I was lucky because I got an allowance just by watching." (23 years old/female)


Are there a lot of perverted dads?

I listened to the perverted dad episode of Papa Katsu.There may be a surprising number of dads who think that even if they refuse to play at a normal sex shop, they can do it with Papa Katsu.If you're a woman who likes abnormal play, it might be OK, but if it's normal, it's a drag (laughs).If you feel that you don't like it, please refuse it exactly and live a safe and secure daddy life!

Divorced romance writer.A former bitch with 3 digits of experience.We will introduce recent dad life circumstances from various love situations of men and women that we independently investigated.

Article by Aoi Yamazaki

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