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I tried to see if I could find a business partner through Papa Katsu

Lena's lifestyle and dad life

Lena works as a freelancer, so there are no restrictions on time or work content.

But on the other hand, if you don't do any work, you have zero income.

Rena doesn't like working under other people or having no freedom, so she's an artist, so she's not suited to work at a company.smile

I was a college student when I started Papa-katsu, so I never thought that Papa-katsu would look for a business partner or an investor in my business. You wanted to take advantage of the Papa-katsu network.

Because I've learned that 100% of successful dads make their fortunes by leveraging their amazing network of contacts.

I realized that the biggest thing you can get from being a dad is not only money, experience, and knowledge, but also personal connections.

In such a way, I think Rena's lifestyle, which allows her to meet her dads freely during lunch and on weekends, is perfect for dad activities.

Lena uses that advantage to build a network that leads to work.

Type XNUMX: I didn't become a daddy, but I'm a good customer

The dad that Lena met when she was a college student is the type of dad who has a divorced child and is looking for a girlfriend.

Originally a person who has invested in various businesses, Lena immediately said, "won't you start?I still remember being asked.

With such a dad, Rena's talent through rice dates and drive dates?ability?and asked Lena to outsource her work.

He's rich and kind, and I feel like I should make him a daddy, but this daddy didn't get along with Lena and became a business partner.

Unfortunately, on the other hand, I've been given very good jobs, and I've been able to experience jobs that I wouldn't normally be able to do, so I'm enjoying it.

Type XNUMX: Dad and business partner

Among Rena's dads, there is a dad who helps her with dinner dates as a dad, and also takes care of the work.

I think that this kind of papa understands Rena's financial situation well, and kindly handles the work.Thank you very much.

Some of them seem to be volunteers, like the meal allowance is included in the allowance, but I don't want to keep working with them, so I stop accepting jobs.

Type XNUMX: Customers who are not dads

Of course, most of Lena's customers don't know that Lena is doing Papa Katsu.

But just the other day, during a work meeting, I was thrilled to have a conversation about Papa Katsu.

With the introduction of an acquaintance, he went to visit a mistress dating club.

Lena, I listened deeply to the story while my heart was pounding.

Show me the photo album and watch the video, "You can meet this girl for ~~ Yen a month.” and so on.

The customer said that he didn't join after all because he gave priority to other ways to use the money rather than paying the admission fee of 15 yen to join the dating club.

However, when I asked which dating club it was at the end, it was the dating club that Lena belongs to….

(Lena belongs to only one dating club.)

So this customer might also be seeing Lena in the dating club's photo album.

It's a small world, isn't it?

How to grow a dad candidate into a business partner

Lena has also met countless dating clubs, and of course not all men have offered to date her.

I think everyone's ratio is different, but I think it's very rare to have a mutual understanding the first time you meet someone.

In many cases, you can understand the atmosphere of the face-to-face meeting that was not subject to each other's relationship.

An easy-to-understand example is when you didn't ask for your contact information.

When there was a lot of silence in the conversation and it wasn't fun.

It was a time when there was no smile on each other's expressions again.

However, I think that there are people who are not people you want to keep in touch with, who are interesting people, and who you would like to meet again.

It is an example of people who have grown up as business partners who continue with this kind of feeling.

In Rena's case, she's more of a customer than a business partner.Lena is funny, see you laterThere are many cases where the dads I met with such a rough feeling have become my current customers.

In addition, Rena's five "peopleDesires, Personality, Talents, Abilities, Possibilities”, and Rena is very conscious of it when meeting.

In other words, the phrase "what kind of relationship are you looking forI'm going to incorporate Lena's five into ordinary conversations like ".

It feels like an interview.

An interview is a place where you can appeal to yourself while answering the other person's questions.

When you meet someone when you think you are the right person, make it your goal to make them like you. I'm following you.

Then it usually works fine.

Everyone should try it too!

Aiming to start a business, I started Papa Katsu for networking and saving money.I had a lot of wonderful encounters, so I would like to share them with you all.

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