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Talk about Beautiful Breasts ~Relationship Between Beautiful Breasts and Underwear~

Thank you for reading my column.

Here's a little summery, exciting story.

ToDay"tits"Is a story.


Most men are boobs aliens

Large, soft breasts.
The bigger it is, the more the man's gaze will be focused.

Even if you open your chest tightly,
Even if you wear a knit dress,
If you have that bulge, your eyes will be attracted regardless of whether you like it or not.

Why are you attracted to me?
This meansInstincts worn since childhoodIt seems like something like

It seems that there are things that are soft and can give you mental stability just by touching them.


spend money on underwear

Well, those boobs

It's hard when it's big"Drip"こと.
It's hard when you're small"Enlarge"こと.

who keep this as it is,It's a waste of treasure.

Among the female members who were previously registered with the Universe Club,
There was a person who worked for an underwear manufacturer.
Since he is well trained on a daily basis,
of courseThere is no biting of the bra on the back,
I wear underwear that fits me

If you go on a date wearing slightly stimulating underwear
The other person was very pleased ... What a sexy episode ♪


Yes, even if you can't see it, even if you can't show it,

The important thing is


Such you.


nurture and maintain

"Even if you don't change much, no one will see it, right?"

Those who think so,

boobs are Start drooping in your 20s.

So what can I do to keep it from dripping?


bust up training
Moderate exercise is absolutely essential.
How about doing some bust-up exercises after taking a bath?

Also, personally水 泳Is also recommended.
Mizukami has been swimming for 6 years in the past.
It works on my arms and pectoral muscles, so I don't have any sagging even now.


room bra
According to the underwear manufacturer mentioned earlier,

"The upper arms, the meat on the back, the meat on the belly
It's meat that wants to become a breast!
I want to collect them!So come to the store!Let me count! "

In order to make the meat in the body into breasts,
Don't skip too much time relaxing at home.
Please hold the chest firmly with a room bra etc.


wear underwear that fits
just the cups don't fit
The meat on the side will also escape outside.
The meat that escaped to the side goes straight to the back, to the stomach ... and so on.
It doesn't work for me at all.

It's a little bit like getting someone close to your age to weigh you...
Such a personLet's ask the veteran staff of the department store nearby.
Measure and put the correct one on.
This is also the first step in bust-up.


at the end

What did you think?


A good woman starts with good underwear


By all means, please protect this and try to become a wonderful woman.

Sumire Minakami

I believe that if you do good deeds, good relationships will come to you.I hope to keep smiling every day and provide good relationships to everyone. talk to this staff

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