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[An interviewer at a dating club answers] XNUMX points that make you look ugly [Personality and gestures]

last time[Clothes]I wrote a column titled
Thank you for reading.

This time, I'm going to take a closer look, and from the personality and behavior of the person who came to the interview,
I would like to introduce you to what kind of woman she was.


Standing on one's cheeks, crossing his legs, holding his mouth, messing around with his cell phone... ugly pride


For those of you who are thinking, "Isn't this just an interview for a dating club?", be very careful.

When women who act like the above are divided by water and age,

teens, twenties...bad behavior, bad upbringing
teens, twenties...Has a habit of looking down on people, a habit of denial, a habitual offender

You might see it like this.
Are there any of you who are right or who are confused?

Especially when you're in your 30s and 40s and your pride is high...
Would you like to meet me on the train? "I don't want to be like this" A person.
Oh, I can't take my eyes off you anymore.There is nothing more painful than this.A humble attitude is best.


The universe club sees humanity in both men and women,
We are a club that specializes in connecting people who are compatible in all aspects.

I'm watching you without overlooking even one of these gestures.


Although I am saying,
As for Hajime Mizukami's personal opinion, of course, it's okay to wear monster skins and cat covers.
However,Are you prepared to wear it for the rest of your life in front of Daddy?

Male members looking at this, if you think this applies to you...
That woman might need your attention.


I want a meal dad ♪ Then what can I do?personalityless ugly


This is common in people in their 20s.“Papa-katsu” is popular in dramas.
Even on SNS, he says, "Papa activities are only for meals. No body!"
I see a lot of chatter that I don't know who said it.

Let me ask you a question.

Where do you think it's worth it?

Youth fades.
A child who only has looks is no longer an appreciation object.
If so, I'll go meet a beautiful woman at a cabaret club or a club that I can talk to.

Can you listen to me?Are you a good listener?
It doesn't have to be you, right?
If you think it's not very interesting, give XNUMX yen and say goodbye.Absolutely.


"It's just a few hours for a meal, and it makes me want to see you again."
If you don't have such a thing, or if you don't feel like trying to find it,
To be honest, looking for a dining dad at a dating club may not be for you.

There will be times when you feel like you're worthless and you can't trust people.
It's only natural that your dad, who you used to be good friends with, suddenly changed completely and you can't contact him at all.
I still want a daddy!You need to have the strength to think like that.


No smile!expressionless ugly


I'm nervous because
I'm not good at smiling,
I think there are various reasons, but the first impression the interviewer feels is"Child without affection".

Of course you can talk with a smile in front of your friends.
Uncles in their 40s and 50s who meet for the first time.Can you always smile in front of such a person?

"Strength of mind" that can keep smiling at any timeI think that's why it's important.


No smile, expressionless... This is the impression that many students have.
I wonder if I'll go to the future employment exam with such a sullen face...
I worry about the future without permission, and my meddlesome heart aches.

I've heard that it's polite to smile when you make eye contact with strangers overseas.
A smile may be the first way to unravel people's hearts in common all over the world.


No hobbies, no conversation, no favorite things.ugly stuff that doesn't exist


About 700 people interviewed and asked about their hobbies
"Play with your friends"
"Music appreciation"

Just look at this hobby item, rich dad
Do you think, "This girl is funny! I'd like to meet her!"
(The only thing that covers it islooks…maybe)

at least
"I like hanging out with my friends. The other day, I went to Kamakura to play!
I felt like I was on a day trip, looking at cafes and visiting temples, and it was a lot of fun!
I ate Kamakura vegetable dishes, and visited delicious bakeries in Hayama. "

Why don't you try to be able to say about it?



From the first day and the second time, buy that ♪ buy this ♪


There is a trap that you fall into as soon as you can do it.
"I'm already rich ♡ As I saw on SNS, I can buy a lot and have luxury ♡"
I feel like I'm going to think about it.

Because it was close to Christmas and my birthday,
Suddenly begging for an expensive watch over 30,
I want you to send me a "wish list" and buy from this ♪begging,
Buy bags and branded goods♪Please say something.

It can be cut in one shot.

Mizukami has been told by a man who was dating through such a dating club before.

"I know the women who register with these places don't have money.
However, money doesn't come to lowly people who only talk about money."

"Men don't want to be seen as 'money' or 'wallets.
If you want to give things and money without heart and trust, then cabaret clubs and clubs will suffice.”

Somehow, I thought that it was a truism.

If you are not good at begging, you will show a stern "lowliness" on your face.
Do you have room in your heart,let's work



What did you think?
No matter how good your looks are, it's no good if you're bad on the inside.
We are conducting interviews every day while looking at such points strictly.

I think some people thought it was tough,
This is the "first barrier" to the dating club.
Don't forget to brush yourself up and come with a smile so you can get over it.

I believe that if you do good deeds, good relationships will come to you.I hope to keep smiling every day and provide good relationships to everyone. talk to this staff

Articles by Sumire Minakami

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