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3 things to keep in mind before starting dad life


Compared to about three years ago, I often hear about TV and acquaintances doing it, and now I feel that dad activities have become quite familiar.

There are some people who are a little reluctant to talk to their friends about dad activities, and some people who plan to start secretly without telling anyone.

Daddy activities tend to be considered safer than adult entertainment, but I personally think that there are still risks involved.

So, this time, I would like to introduce three things that beginners should be aware of before starting dad activities.

What's your purpose?

First of all, for what purpose do you want to start dad life?

I think there are various reasons for this.

In addition to money purposes such as earning pocket money, each person has their own goals, such as wanting an adult relationship or being curious.

First of all, as a major premise, I don't think it will work if you do it without interest or purpose.

In fact, when I wasn't really struggling with money, I had an appointment with a man who was over 20 years old and didn't like talking to him, but it was convenient for both of us.

But as the date draws near,bothersome”, and eventually I refused before that.

I really feel sorry for that man.

If you feel that there is no advantage for you or if you think about meeting in person,seems troublesomeIf you have a negative image such as ", it may be better to stop being a dad.

Not only will it cause trouble for the other party, but it will also cause trouble for the management side, and it may also lead to wasting the time you had been freed.

That's why it's important to have some sort of purpose, interest, or trigger for your motivation and motivation.

Don't forget to listen carefully to the conditions and objectives

The next thing to watch out for is to remember to listen to the terms.

This is really, really important.

Even if it is called dad life, the conditions are quite wide ranging from rice only to adult relationships.

It is important to listen to the father's conditions and goals.

Some dads have different goals.

Daddy's purpose is really various, such as someone who wants to go out with him because he doesn't have anyone to eat with, someone who wants an adult relationship, and someone who just wants to be healed by talking to a young woman.

From there, how much would you charge for something like this?and condition.

The first thing I want you to check is whether you understand the purpose.

If you just meet without understanding your father's purpose and motivation, you won't be able to feel good about each other.

This is because if your father wants an adult relationship and you only like the food, one of you may be dissatisfied.

That's why you need to understand each other because you can't feel good about each other without understanding your dad's purpose.

Second, don't forget to listen to the conditions.

In the past, I wanted only rice, and my partner was like that, so there was a man who was a good match.

However, when I asked about the meeting place, it was not a hotel, but a hotel room.

After that, when I talked about it, it seems that I wanted to kiss and light physical contact.

Only the rice was good, so I immediately declined.

If you didn't listen to the details of the conditions, you won't be able to feel good about each other again.

So, of course, the probability of missing out on the amount is small, but it is also quite important to decide where to meet and whether the person is really likely to get by with just rice.

Mutual understanding is essential to make each other feel good, not just yourself.

It may be difficult to judge the other person before meeting, but you may notice many things while communicating well before meeting.

Keep 〇〇 just in case! ?

Lastly, I think it would be better to have it personally from me.Resources"I'd like to introduce.

It's a condom.

This applies even if you only want rice.

It also applies to those who think it doesn't matter to them.

That's because you can feel relieved just by having it when you're in such a flow for various reasons or situations.

This is because I think it's worth having it to avoid unwanted pregnancies and to protect your own body.

Certainly, I think there are people who think that I am definitely an uncle, and there are people who think that men have it.

However, I personally think it's important to have one, as I don't think it's worth having one just in case.

A Final Word

I think that there are some people who want to use it easily because dad life is familiar.

However, I think that depending on the situation, there are risks associated with papa activities.

Based on the three points I have introduced so far, I would appreciate it if you could use it as one of the criteria for deciding whether you really think you should try daddy activities.

Thank you for reading until the end.

I'm a college girl in Tokyo.She is planning to write what she learned through her dad life.Thank you for her

Article by Momonga

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