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Why You Should Be Serious About Dating Clubs

When you register for a dating club, you may register with a fairly light feeling.

However, in the dating club, there are people who are seriously looking for a partner or who are looking for a partner.

So, I'm going to write an example of my experience as an example of why I should be seriously active in the dating club.

Register for easy money

I wanted to make money easily, so I registered for a dating club.

Even though I am a student myself and I am busy with my studies, I thought it would be better than working hard at a part-time job.

without physical contact.

If I tried to work in a sex industry, I could have earned a lot of money, even though I had nothing to do with my body.

However, I have to deal with an unspecified number of people, and above all, I can't choose people one by one.

In that case, I thought it would be easier to save money by working part-time at restaurants.

I didn't have that much trouble with money, so I started with the feeling that I would be lucky if I could get some pocket money that would really add to my life.

I had a boyfriend and I really liked him.

That's why I thought it would be better if the person with whom she was with didn't have to get emotional.

Married people are out of the question because the rest is complicated.

With that kind of feeling, when I was looking for it, I found it at an unexpectedly good timing.

He wanted me to share his hobby with him in exchange for money.

Yes, he was a de M and foot fetish.

Until now, she has had the experience of being attracted to her when she tells her that she is a super masochist, and she doesn't seem to have the courage to confide in her about such hobbies.

Furthermore, it seems that the legs were not to my liking.

That's why he was looking for someone who would pay him to understand his hobby.

To be honest, I wasn't interested in that hobby, but I personally didn't mind it, and above all, I thought it would be easy if I could get paid for it.

I was determined to listen to what I said properly as much as money was generated.

When I first met him, I only got acquainted with his hobbies and fantasies.

It was my first experience, but I was glad that his personality matched me, so it was surprisingly easy and I was able to earn a lot of money.

Without crossing the line, of course.

We both wanted to see each other again, so we exchanged contact information on that day and immediately promised to meet again.

It was certainly easy and I was able to earn money happily

After that, it was a very pleasant time while seeing each other.

The tiredness was blown off each other and healed.

We met many times and shared our hobbies.

By the time I realized it, I had crossed the line.

I gradually felt reluctance to accept the money, so I told him that I didn't need the money anymore.

This is because when money is generated, you will even think that you have to entertain the other party.

I said that because I genuinely wanted to enjoy our time together.

realize that no one can be happy

After a few months of that kind of relationship, I started to wonder what they were doing even though they were dating each other.

There were many times when he told me that he gradually fell in love with me and wanted to go out with me after breaking up with his current girlfriend.

If I didn't have a boyfriend, I might have been dating.

That doesn't mean I hated my boyfriend.

There was only one thing I didn't like about him (the one I met at the dating club).

That's where you don't put rubber on when you act.

If it's normal, I think it's strange that you don't wear a rubber band with someone who isn't even your boyfriend.

Even though I told him to do it, he kept ignoring my words.

Because I want to prioritize my desires.

In the end, day by day, I couldn't stand it anymore and stopped contacting him.

Even though the chances of getting pregnant were low, I was also afraid of getting an unwanted pregnancy.

Furthermore, I became even more scared when I thought about school and the eyes around me.

But even if I was wearing rubber, I think I would have stopped.

Most of all, I realized that no one can be happy.

In the first place, I couldn't even talk to my close friends.

The reason is that I could see that I would be told to quit immediately, and I wanted to quit myself.

It's a situation where I can't tell my boyfriend even if my mouth is torn.

I knew that if I said this reality, I would lose everyone's trust.

Therefore, I decided that if people around me knew this fact, no one would be happy.

It was certainly a pleasure to spend time with him.

But more than that, I felt a thrill during that time and I couldn't really enjoy myself.

No one can be happy unless they work hard

As a premise of joining a dating club, I will regret it later if I act half-heartedly.

Therefore, it is assumed that you are unmarried, but if you have someone you love, such as a mistress or someone you are dating, and you want to join,We really only meet onceI don't recommend it unless you are prepared for it.

Or, no one can be happy unless they act on the premise that they will break up with the person they are dating.

If you're not serious about it, it's a waste of time for those who are serious about it.

Also, it should feel like a nuisance to those who are seriously active.

It may be an experience for you, but in the end it's also a waste of time.

I want you to work hard so that everyone can be happy.

Thank you for reading this far.I hope it will be useful for those who are about to join the dating club.

I'm a college girl in Tokyo.She is planning to write what she learned through her dad life.Thank you for her

Article by Momonga

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