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Worries about the dad who returned the baby




I was also worried about the dad who returned the baby.

My baby daddy is a normal gentleman when he eats, but the moment he enters the hotel, he starts saying, ``I can't walk.

When you make a voice during the act, say bab bab bab bab.

It's just every time, so I was very worried.

Does dad really like this play?

Why do you like this play?

If anyone knows please explain







Thank you very much for your question.


To put it bluntly, I can only say, "Because I like that kind of thing."Papa must be playing like this because he loves baby play.
So you don't have to worry about whether or not Dad is really enjoying it.


I think that the person who asked the question probably felt "disgusting" and "unpleasant" when he saw such a dad, but I'm sure many women have that impression.
And because Papa-sama understands this properly and accurately, I think that he is hitting this desire on the questioner, not on his legal wife or girlfriend.


In that sense, Papa-sama must be an extremely decent and intelligent person.He knows exactly how his desires are perceived by the other person, and he vents his own desires so that problems do not arise.


Now, the person who asked the question probably thinks daddy's baby play is very disgusting.The feeling is reasonable, and there is no denying anything.


However, just as some people find baby play disgusting, it is also true that there are people who like baby play.And it's nothing special or unusual.


I have no intention of asking the questioner to "love baby play".On the contrary, there is no problem even if you look down and say, "This guy is really disgusting."


However, it is necessary to understand the fact that such people exist.This isn't limited to baby play, be it bestiality, tights or dragon car sex.


There is no need to sympathize or agree with the other person's propensity, and it is okay to think that it is "creepy".
However, I believe that it is extremely important to understand that "that kind of person exists" and to be convinced that "that's what it is" in order to enrich our lives.


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