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Papa Katsujojo's Angels and Demons


Outwardly, she scatters negative ions, but in reality, she's an Arafo girl who is overflowing with eroticism every day.

Don Juan's wife in Kishu has been on my mind lately.Her feelings and the feelings of her deceased husband.Only two people know the real part.

I'm sure there are many stories that go unreported.


Now.Angels and demons come and go in my head during every date.

This time, the real intention talk of the dad active girl! !


I misunderstood the type

In fact, it is a leaf that did not understand the D type well and made it a D type.

I certainly don't care how it looks.It's totally OK to be bald or fat!It looks good.If the contents are the worst, I'm sorry she is NG.People who are vulgar, who speak ill of others, and who are filthy are unreasonable.

However, the Leaf is a D type.Somehow, if invited, it's totally OK!You were the type!

I read the column and found out, sorry.I received a thorough explanation from the staff at the time of admission, but the ultimate insensitive reef.I'm sure you interpreted it as you see fit.

And I changed the type the other day because I wanted to choose it too.Will this reduce offers?

I haven't had any offers recently, so I'd like to pick and choose the men I've met so far and have a second or third date soon.

After we meet for the first time, will we do more flirty emails and lines?I thought, but all the men are lights.This part made sense in a way.

Well, it's a dating club.I feel it here.


I'm the devil

In reality, male members of dating clubs are rich.It costs about 10 yen in total for dating, including introduction fee, meal fee, hotel fee, and allowance.

In one case, I received 2 yen for the cost of a meal for two people plus my own transportation and hotel charges because I came from far away, plus an allowance that would have been quite extravagant.

I'm so thankful for such an around-for-leaf.

But wait a minute!

With this, if you're a gentleman in bed, it's fine.That's different, unfortunately.

She is bad at kissing and no caressing. I should have said cutely, "I want you to stop doing that because it hurts," but that self-indulgence continues forever... Chewing until you scream, sucking like a vampire... Acts that have no trace of delicacy.

It seems that there are surprisingly many men who think that the reason why they are not popular is because of their appearance, but that is not the case.

There is absolutely nothing that makes you hate bald or fat, just because of your appearance.At least around the Leaf.

Ultimately, though, it's human nature itself.If you do something that people don't like, they will hate you.

But the self-proclaimed unpopular dad thinks there's something wrong with his appearance.It's because he's bald, because he's fat, because he's already ◯◯ years old.

That's different!

If you're already ◯◯ years old, I want you to notice it all the more.I don't think it's going to last even if you take care of your allowance.At least Arafo Leaf. (sorry for being persistent)


my angel

Self-centered dads, but other than that, they are wonderful people.Confidence and kindness that can be felt from the comfort of your heart because you are working hard!


I really learn a lot when listening to stories about work, and being able to meet so many business owners from different industries is the real pleasure of the dating club.

always until i go to bed"I want to hear more about your business! I definitely want to see you again♡"It will become.

Besides, listening to the process leading up to the offer to Leaf and imagining the other person's actions and thoughts makes me love him for some reason.

The part where he says you're cute or praises your work is no different from a so-called boyfriend.

More than anything, this date is expensive.

Compared to my old ex-boyfriend who was petty, stingy, and bonkers, it's a huge difference.If I had improved myself more when I was younger, enriched my inner self, and worked hard at my work, I might not be alone now.Maybe she married a rich man and lived an elegant life. . .

I can imagine how it will be used when winning the lottery.

There is no doubt that there is an Angel Leaf who does not forget to find as many wonderful things as possible among the men who gave me an offer with such a young inside.

When I say goodbye to my dad, I always say "thank you very much" from the bottom of my heart.

Last but not least is money

Of course it is.Last is money.

Same with men.

Precisely because of referral fees and allowances, it is not possible to say, "The meal alone is enough. Goodbye, thank you."Girls know that too.

I am very aware that my mind and body are connected, so I make an effort to like men and go to my room.

Absolute Murie!I can't do it with people like that! Depending on the first date, there is a possibility that it will happen the second time (laughs)

I think the cut is important.But it's better to be kind.

That's why I think I should share the time with the allowance that the man prepared for me.

If you were to meet your current dad without an allowance, would you be able to meet him?

If I could meet you, it would be love, affection, and affection.I felt that dads wanted that feeling on the surface, but they didn't want to go as far as "serious love" or "deep love."In a way, there are many serious dads in the dating club.

The method that Arafo Leaf is good at is the control of feelings.This is my strongest weapon.

Maybe that's why I enjoy dating clubs.

I'm pretty dry, but that's what I really mean.After being able to control my feelings, I became much more rounded and gentle.

This is also the strength of Alafor!I can hear people telling me not to say it myself (laughs).

As I get older, I hope to increase my strengths more and more.


Next time, we will deliver "Leaf, Papa-san and Journey".

Thank you for reading today.


I love humans!She shows interest in everything, and her head is always full of erotic things.She wants people around me to be happy, not just for herself.I want to be a special existence that makes everyone feel surrounded by negative ions just by being there, but sometimes makes their heart beat faster.This is a column that suggests a little eroticism, enjoying "dates" at dating clubs, neither papa activities nor mistresses.

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