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Encounter with Prothro

Referral from dating club

today"I've set up a meeting several times so far, but I haven't reached a second date, and it seems that I haven't been able to get along.It is a face-to-face meeting with a dad in his 30s who has a problem.

He's a manager, he's rich, he's in his 30s, what was the problem?

Maybe I'm a strange person, and I'm a little worried, and I'm heading to the meeting again today.

Unfortunately, it was raining today, and I forgot my umbrella at home.smile

(I heard later that they were able to come without getting wet in the underpass. Lena, I don't know much about the city.)

I manage to fix my hair and makeup in the bathroom, but it's still a mess.

Lena, your tension is falling.

Meet at a restaurant in Roppongi Hills

If I said a restaurant in Roppongi Hills, I thought it would be so crowded that I couldn't settle down and meet face to face.

Why Roppongi?

But Papa knows a little-known spot, and there are only two groups of customers in the 30-seat shop.

We meet up in front of the shop, meet up, and sit awkwardly.

It's best not to worry about such awkward appointments, awkward greetings and conversations.

Papa adult.Way to go.

It was a meeting in the middle of the afternoon tea time, but I had a light meal.

Papa said "I won't eat because my lunch was heavy' and ate the same amount as me.

Well, when something looks delicious in front of you, you eat it.

Impressions of meeting Daddy

Youthful, not bald, not fat, not short.

Because he's trained, you can see his muscular and toned body even through his shirt.

Lena was a little nervous.

But Papa, whether embarrassed or chatty, began to talk with a machine gun about his life from graduating from high school to starting a successful business.

In that story, he met a slot master and fell in love with pachislot.

I wonder if it was about dad's life story for about 1 minutes in the 50 hour meeting.

Rena is the type that is easy to believe, and she listened to everything seriously and was very curious, but... if she was a normal girl, she might get tired of being too one-sided.

I like Lena because she is more comfortable being talked to than talking about herself.

Yeah, yeah, I heard.

Because he spoke so quickly, I was able to fully understand what he was saying.

It's interesting to talk about other people's lives.

After Papa talked one-sidedly for a while, Papa also asked Lena various questions.

My job, my boyfriend, my previous dad, and my family structure.

Even my muddy answer was heard more and more.smile 

Well, I don't really care.

love when parting

When we parted, my dad gave me an allowance that was three times the face-to-face allowance that you would normally get at a dating club.

"I want to see Rena-chan again, so I put my thoughts into it"He said.

In fact, from the time I saw a picture of Lena in a dating club, it seems that Lena was a very type.

It seems that he was really looking forward to today's meeting because he was happy to meet him.

I was killing time about Roppongi Hills from 45 minutes ago.

He was nervous when he got a phone call from Lena, and he said he knew that Lena was coming to the meeting place from about XNUMXm away.

He told me later, but he said he was too nervous and couldn't look directly at Rena because she was too nice when she was talking.

In a case like this, Rena is really the type for Papa, and Lena doesn't dislike Papa's appearance or personality, and he'll give her a proper allowance.

I feel like I met a good dad. ♩

Lena, you might be lucky.

Secrets of dads learned by dad active girls

The more we meet, the more I feel.

A man's character and life can be understood by a little gesture or behavior.

I wonder if Lena has finally grown up.

Have you come to understand what it means to be human?

Daddy life has a lot of study.

For example, it is easy to understand thatThis person speaks a little young, he uses trendy words"And.

When I asked him why he spoke so youthfully on several dates, it seems that this dad has a lot of opportunities to interact with girls in their 20s because he works with a lot of young girls.

I see.

Also, there are two types of dads who don't make eye contact.

An embarrassing type and an uninteresting type.

To tell the difference, if Lena deliberately turned her eyes away and didn't look at Papa, she would be embarrassed and wouldn't look me in the eye if she looked somewhere on Lena's body or face.

On the other hand, if you're looking that way all the time, unfortunately Lena isn't your type.

As a trend, though.

Some of the people who are not Lena's type will finish the meeting in 30 minutes and get no allowance!There are people who say.

It was a face-to-face meeting that made me think that I still have to polish my appearance and contents.

素敵 な 出会い に 感謝

Thanks for the wonderful meeting at the dating club, Lena will continue to improve herself today.

Aiming to start a business, I started Papa Katsu for networking and saving money.I had a lot of wonderful encounters, so I would like to share them with you all.

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