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Daddy activity with matching app ... How is it actually?

Papa active girls who are said to have increased due to the corona misfortune.There are various ways to find a dad, but it seems that many women use matching apps to find a dad.What are the advantages and disadvantages of finding a dad with a matching app?I asked a woman who actually uses a matching app to do dad activities.


What are the benefits of dad activity in the matching app?

① You can easily find your dad
First of all, the most common advantage seems to be “convenience”.There are three main ways to find a dad through Papa-katsu: (3) search through SNS, (XNUMX) search through an app, and (XNUMX) search through a dating club. ① is a method of searching by adding a hashtag such as “#Daddy activity recruitment” on SNS.However, this method is said to be difficult to find a good dad because most of the DMs are taunting.In addition, it seems that there are not a few cases where they are involved in crime.

On the other hand, the ③ dating club is the safest way.Many rich men are registered in the dating club, and I think the allowance is probably the highest.However, in order for women to register, they must pass an interview at the office.The screening of the interview is strict, and it is natural that beautiful women are accepted.Also, even if you pass the interview, you cannot be matched unless there is an offer from a male registrant.Considering the above time and effort, it can be said that the hurdles are low for a matching application that can be easily registered.

②We can meet efficiently
As a general flow of dad activities, allowances are generated after various stages such as meeting, meals, adult relationships.However, it takes time and effort to reach that level.Also, many dads find this process troublesome.However, with a matching app, you can present your wishes first, so you can meet your dad efficiently.There are also daddy girls who use the app to meet two or three dads a day.It can be said that matching apps are suitable for people who often need money urgently or who have other jobs and have less time to spend on dad activities.


What are the disadvantages of dad life in the matching app?

①Many traders
Many so-called "support deli traders" such as sex shops are also registered in the matching app.It seems that there are many men who can't tell the difference between this company and a professional woman who pretends to be a daddy partner.It's not that the contractor is bad, but there are many men who want to play daddy activities with amateur women, so it seems that there are times when they are suspected at the time of exchange.Also, there are many women who are registered in matching apps with many vendors, and there is a possibility that they will be buried.The trick is to register so as not to be misunderstood by men.

②Sometimes you don't know the identity of the other person
When registering for a matching app, I think most of the time you will be asked to register your ID.However, it seems that there are some apps that allow you to register without an ID or that have a sloppy confirmation.If you don't know the identity of the other person, there is always the risk of not getting an allowance or being run away by your dad.In fact, there have been cases of victims taking money from their wallets while taking a shower after going to a hotel with their dad, whom they met through the app.Even if you go to the police, you won't know the identity of the other person, so you can only cry and fall asleep.When registering for the app, make sure that the site has properly registered your ID.


Experiences of matching apps and dad activities

So, what does it actually feel like to be a dad on a matching app?I spoke to a woman who says she sees her dad regularly.

“Dating club papa activity requires appearance, gestures, and so-called femininity, so I thought that the hurdles would be high for me. The allowance is 2 to 3, which is a little lower than the market price, but I find multiple dads and work for them, so I can register 10 a month. I'm earning yen.But there are some troublesome dads among them.Sometimes I run away when I meet you, and after meeting a few times, I used to earn 3 yen, but now I'm saying, '2 is fine.' But if you get along well, there are some dads who will give you an allowance for taxi fare even if you're not related to adults... It's a little tricky." (27-year-old woman)


Matching apps are recommended for those who want to start dad activities in a short period of time or easily

I listened to the story of Daddy activities in the matching app, but I thought it would be perfect for people who want money for one time and want to start easily for the first time.However, it is also true that there are some suspicious dads among them, so you have to be careful.It can be said that the secret to success is meeting many dads and seeing them with your own eyes.

Divorced romance writer.A former bitch with 3 digits of experience.We will introduce recent dad life circumstances from various love situations of men and women that we independently investigated.

Article by Aoi Yamazaki

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