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Shyness is the ultimate Eros

As the title says.

Hello everyone, my name is Megumi Kuroo.

I keep a high school virgin in my brain.She lives a small life in search of pure Eros.

I would appreciate it if you would watch over Kuroo's clumsy views with warm eyes.

Do you take off your clothes immediately?A Baumkuchen group that gradually takes off?

I am overwhelmingly the latter.I'm a Baumkuchen girl.

Have you ever heard of Baumkuchen Girls?

Of course.Kuroo just made it on his own.

Eat the baumkuchen one by one.Would you like to eat such a troublesome way?is that so.

Well, that's fine.

Recently, I heard that during an interview, there are people who take off their clothes immediately because they feel troublesome because they will take them off anyway.

Abek in the period of boredom! ! ! ! ! !

Do you feel the supreme eros in a woman who is naked and dignified without hiding it in front of you? !

Erotic! !It's decided to be Eloy! But Kuroo, a professional virgin, is enough to get excited about such eros!

I liked the title too! !Shyness is the ultimate Eros! !

It's a sweet idea that it's okay to take it off at the end!Throw it in the burnable garbage right now! ! ! !

"It's embarrassing ///" "Don't look ///"

With those magic wordsdesire to dominate, desire to conqueris inspired! ! ! ! !

If you don't understand what you've read so far, the ladies who are making question marks are using magic words."Popopopoon"It would be nice if you could use ! ! !

May I? !

For women who are blushing and embarrassed,Libido doubles or triples.

You who are working as a dad! You there who likes SEX!

Shyness = atmosphere creation = overflowing desire for control = eros

That's it! ! ! ! !Don't forget! ! ! ! !

*By the way, since Kuroo is twisted, leaving a part of his clothes (ex: only socks, only the ribbon on his school uniform) will make him look more attractive.

Visible pants, visible pants

"I'm going to show off my pants today~" "Isn't it as good as pants?"

Not good! ! !No excuse! ! ! !

All women should know more about the magic of pants.

I have said this many times.Have a shyness! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Pants are castles.

A skirt is a castle wall.

(For those who feel so disgusted that they don't know what they are saying, search for Japanese castles and feel what they are saying.)

A castle in such a swaying castle wall that you can't see it! ! !what it is! ! ! !What kind of girl is the princess in the castle? ! !

A man's heart will be crushed! ! ! ! !

Only cloth.But cloth, but that triangular clothLOVE and PEACEI'm stuck! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

World peace, right? !

You can see it, but you can't see it (or you can see it a little).

School days How many gentlemen do you think were hurt, anguished, and saddened by the jersey under their skirts?

Your pants are worth so much.



Shy.Some women may inadvertently forget to seek efficiency in dad activities.

But don't forget.

A variety of possibilities for women who are blushing and embarrassed.

Please do not forget.The magical power of the castle walls that protect the important parts.


Thank you for reading.


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