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What do you associate with this word?

Since time immemorial, there has been no change in the love-hate relationship between men and women.
Shunga became erotic books, and red-light districts became red-light districts.

Times have changed, but the insatiable desire for sex remains at the core of human beings.

Mistress = Teresa N, the mom of a luxury club in Ginza
Mistress = Gardener
(Sorry, it's not discrimination, it's just an image. And it's old)
That's my selfish image, but how about everyone?

The word “mistress” has an old-fashioned image.
According to the Japanese dictionary,

Aijin [Mistress]
XNUMX Beloved dear.The opposite sex in a special relationship.mistress.mistress.Mistress.
to love two people.

... apparently ...

Currently, "special relationship" = "physical relationship", "non-marriage opposite sex".Is that what it feels like?
Somehow it sounds immoral and sweet.

Long time ago

Japan also had an era of polygamy.
In the Edo period, there were women with the status of concubines, and it may have been a wonderful time for men to openly marry multiple wives.

Even in the history of monogamy, there have been many mistresses in the shadows of great men.

It is said that Kaishu Katsu, a great man at the end of the Edo period, had five concubines and nine children, and lived with his wife and concubines.
It's true that you're a handsome man even if you look at old photos.

Hirobumi Ito, the first Prime Minister of Japan, was also famous for his love of women.
It is said that there were so many women that they swept and threw them away, earning them the nickname 'broom'.

It is said that the prime minister at the time, Kakuei Tanaka, had a mistress who became an open secret.

Everyone has been supported by their wives and many mistresses.

Even in modern times, the news of mistresses (= adultery) is too numerous to enumerate.
A resigned lawmaker, a vocalist of a popular band, a rakugo storyteller, a big actor who was also active in Hollywood, etc., made the world go round.

Personally, I'm not even a public figure (other than lawmakers), but I wonder why I have to apologize to other people who have nothing to do with TV.

It's not Japanese, but in Greek mythology, Zeus was a lustful god who had relationships with many goddesses.


The mistress situation has not changed in recent years, and we are directing a lot of love-hate dramas between men and women.
In the past, when I used to woo my mom in Ginza, the time is now.Now is the time to find your dad easily online.
You can easily meet the opposite sex on the internet without revealing your identity to anyone.
Even in such a convenient world, many people still use the dating club.

After all, isn't it for "safety and security"?

We receive high fees from men in order to support good encounters in "safety and security".
Those who have no experience yet, those who think that the world is somehow dangerous, those who want a mistress or dad but don't know how to meet one.
I would like to let you know that there is such a world.

We will help you match with "safety and security" with human hands and wholeheartedly.
I hope that this column has piqued your interest in Universe Club.

I am a person from the Showa period.I can't write anything interesting, but thank you for your cooperation.

Article by Kaoru Kitamura, Legal & General Affairs

 Legal & General Affairs Kaoru Kitamura

 Legal & General Affairs Kaoru Kitamura

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