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Thoughts of men and women who never meet

Consider from feedback

We have had the opportunity to cooperate with questionnaires, receive calls and messages such as complaints, and hear the details of the date and the story afterward.

Woman: You were a very nice man!
Man: She was a caring woman and we had a lively conversation, and our relationship after that was perfect!

From happy reports such as

Woman: I enjoyed the meal to some extent, but I wondered if it would be possible to continue the relationship.
Man: The food was fine, but I'm sorry that the hotel didn't do what I wanted.

I wonder if the feeling didn't match, sorry...

Woman: I was so embarrassed that they threw out transportation expenses while loudly talking about dirty jokes during the meal and why they were doing a dating club.
Man: I didn't apologize for coming late, but I just felt like I had come.

And so on, it was an unpleasant date even though I met you,

Woman: I was strangled during the act in the room.She said she didn't want it, but she didn't give me birth control.
Man: He refused, saying, "I only eat meals."It's type C, but it's a scam.

Or even something like a creme.

Feedback is very valuable information for the club.
This is because the behavior in front of the opposite sex is information that the club cannot know.

At the time of the interview, I was polite and well-mannered,
There are also women who give only bad feedback when they go on dates.
The feeling is of course, but the difference in perception between men and women may also be a big factor.
I thought it might be important to understand the differences in perception and recognition between men and women.

The car engine...

The following is a famous copy and paste on XNUMXch.

Woman: "The car's engine won't start..." 
Man: "Eh?Is it the battery?Do the lights come on? 』 
Woman: “It was working fine until yesterday.Why does it stop working all of a sudden? 』 
Man: “Car trouble is a problem.So, whether it's the battery or not, does the light turn on? 』 
Woman: “I have to go to ○○ today.I'm in trouble if I can't use my car... 
Man: “Hmm.That's embarrassing.copper?Do the lights come on? 』 
Woman: “The car I was riding in before didn’t have this problem.I wish I hadn't bought a new one for this. 』 
Man: “Does the light come on?Will it turn on? 』 
Woman: ``I have an appointment at ○, so I still have time, but what should I do?I'll be in trouble if this continues. 』 
Man: “Yeah, that’s right.I need to do something soon.And what about the lights?Will it turn on? 』 
Woman: "Eh?sorry.what? 』 
Man: “Ah, umm… Will the lights of the car turn on? 』 
Woman: "Why? 』 
Man: "Huh?Ah, well, the engine won't start, right?It might be because the battery is dead.” 
Woman: "What? 』 
Man: "Huh? 』 
Woman: "Hmm? 』 
Man: ``I want to know if the battery in the car is dead, so could you turn on the lights? 』 
Woman: “I don’t mind.But if the battery is dead, the lights won't turn on, right? 』 
Man: “No, no, that’s why!I want to know that, so I want you to try turning on the light. 』 
Woman: “Are you a little angry? 』 
Man: “No, I’m not angry, but? 』 
Woman: "You're angry.What are you angry about? 』 
Man: “No, I’m not angry.” 
Woman: "Did you say something wrong?I would appreciate it if you could tell me 』 
Man: "It's okay.I'm not angry.No problem" 
Woman: "What's wrong? 』 
Man: You were talking about the battery, right? 』 
Woman: “A car, right? 』 
Man: "Oh yeah, we were talking about cars."

Quote: News XNUMXch

I think this really shows the difference in thinking between men and women.

I'm also a woman, and of course I don't mean to make women stupid,
Somehow, I feel that the functional difference in the brain is well manifested.

Men and women's brains are different in the first place

First, men have larger and heavier brains.
That's why it doesn't immediately lead to superiority such as IQ.

And the shape of the corpus callosum that connects the right and left hemispheres is different.

Males have better spatial awareness than females.

different language skills
Whereas men mostly use only the left hemisphere of the brain, where the language center is located,
Women use their entire brain to communicate
→In contrast to women who tend to have more emotional conversations, men try to keep things together, so conversations don't mesh well.

People are often categorized by blood type.
However, I feel that there is such a thing as an endless gap between men and women.

What is love only when we make up for each other's differences, and when we acknowledge each other?

Furthermore, I think that the age difference between men and women in dating clubs is larger than in general couples and lovers.

I think it is impossible to understand all the differences between men and women.
If you can enjoy the differences, you will be able to enjoy the encounters here even more.

I don't know what to say.
Thank you for joining us for our silly tweets.

I am a person from the Showa period.I can't write anything interesting, but thank you for your cooperation.

Article by Kaoru Kitamura, Legal & General Affairs

 Legal & General Affairs Kaoru Kitamura

 Legal & General Affairs Kaoru Kitamura

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