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Why is it NG on Saturdays and Sundays for married people who are dads?




Why are married people Saturdays and Sundays?NGwhat is it?

Do you spend two whole days together with your family?Aren't you suffocating?

Are you going to use a weekday woman as an outlet for your sexual desire? ?

On weekdays, you sleep with your daughter, son, and a woman who is the same age, but on weekends, do you pretend to be a good husband by looking good to your child and wife?








Thank you very much for your question.


working in the love hotel industry8It's been a year, but as a rule of thumb, I feel that Mizuki has a lot of affairs.


On weekdays, even if I come home a little late, I can just say "work" and it will be done, but on weekends, that is not the case.In that sense, avoiding Saturdays and Sundays is a natural psychology of unfaithful men.


I want to organize my schedule into one


When you need a resident card and a copy of your family register, no one bothers to go out and get them on separate days.I will go to get a resident's card while going to get a family register, or I will go to get a family register while going to get a resident's card.


So what about dad life?


In the case of daddy activities on weekdays, since he is away from home for work, he will be able to do daddy activities "while at work".However, on Saturdays and Sundays, I have to go out of my way to do dad activities.


There is no need to say which one is easier from the father's perspective.


good dad on saturdays


I don't know if Papa-sama's family is harmonious, but at least on Saturdays and Sundays, there is no doubt that he acts as his own father.


Even on weekdays, before you meet the questioner, you will act like a good boss, and when you are drinking with your friends, you will act as a good friend.


And in front of the questioner, he behaves as a papa-katsu dad.No more or less than that.


I have no intention of denying or affirming Papa-Katsu, but I understand that Papa-Katsu is such a relationship.Even the questioner is sleeping with a man who is about the same age as his father, but he behaves like a good girlfriend in front of his boyfriend, a good friend in front of her friends, and a good subordinate at work. prize.


That said, I have no desire to deny it.


The questioner may have something to say.Money problems, parental problems, job problems.You may not be able to stop dad activity with such a problem.


No, it's more likely than not.


For some reason, I can't stop being a dad.I'm worried because I can't.


I want to stop if possible.I can't forgive the man in front of me who looks good on Saturdays and Sundays, even though I sleep with a woman who is my daughter's age.And I can't forgive myself that if I don't have sex with him, he can't even live.


I think you asked this question because you have such helpless hatred and unreasonableness.


That's why I will never tell the questioner something irresponsible, such as "Stop being a dad."


To be precise, I'm not arrogant enough to say such irresponsible things.


Because, unlike papa, I haven't given even one yen to the questioner.


It's still better because I have money


As you can imagine, the questioner's father's real daughter will go to college without borrowing a scholarship, enter a decent company, and marry a decent man.


And without understanding the situation of the person asking the question, I said this with a calm face.


“Both men and women who are working as daddy are trash.When.


He's so stupid that he can't even imagine that his parents are his dad and that some woman can't live without having sex with him, but he's happy.


If my real daddy was as rich as your daddy, I wouldn't be here.


Stupid girl will never understand such a thing.


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