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Why are you careful when a single dad is active as a dad?



Why do you think single dads are so strict that no one can see them doing daddy activities?

Since he's young, I think he looks more like a friend or a couple than a daddy, but I sometimes wonder why he's so careful compared to other married dads.







Thank you very much for your question.


I assume that you are unmarried, but have you publicly announced to your friends that you are doing daddy activities?


If you are working, is it widely announced at the workplace that "I am doing daddy activities!"?

That's what it means.Even if she is single, I don't want people to hear that she is a daddy.Besides, a lover may exist separately just by being single.


What if you happen to run into someone you know on the street?If you think about it that way, it's only natural for Papa to be concerned about the public eye.


It doesn't matter if they look like a couple


Papa is quite young this time, and it seems that he can only be seen as a normal lover, but even so, it is only natural that Papa is concerned about his gaze.


First of all, even if the person who asked the question thinks they look like a normal couple, I don't know what the public or dad will think.For example, if the questioner were to shoplift, I think that they would probably be noticed quite a bit even in the city.From an objective point of view, people who go to the street do not know whether the questioner is a shoplifter, but it is natural that they are still worried about their gaze.


Next, even if they only look like a normal couple, there is also the problem of it being troublesome.

For example, what if you happened to meet a friend of Papa's in the city?Even if that friend thinks you two are a normal couple, don't you think that's troublesome?


It is troublesome to be asked later, "That child, is she her?"

It is troublesome to have a conversation on the spot.

It is the worst on the day when even a picture was taken.


Regardless of whether you are single or married, there is nothing that can be gained by seeing a scene where you are doing dad activities.In that sense, the current Papa-sama who cares about gazes is the one who is decent, and the other Papa-samas are bold in a good way, and lack vigilance in a bad way.


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