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Is it cool to write the name of a famous man on your profile?



I have been hugged by 〇〇 in my profile.Is it funny to write the name of a famous man?







Thank you very much for your question.


Perhaps the questioner did not intend to create such a mysterious profile.Instead, look at the woman who actually wrote "I was hugged by XX" and wondered, "Why am I writing such a stupid thing? Maybe this is actually a good idea?" I think you were asked.


If that is the case, then the person asking the question must be an extremely clever person who does not blindly believe that his own sensibility is absolute, even though he has a general sensibility.I would really like to meet you once.


Well, the story has derailed a little, but I would like to specifically explain why this profile is useless.


First of all, the biggest problem is that they are stupid and soft-spoken.


I don't know who's name will be in 〇〇, but I don't think the man is saying, "You can make it public."Also, since the other party is a famous man, it is not hard to imagine how much disadvantage it will be for the other party to announce this fact.


If a woman wrote a profile like this, she would be"that much"He is so stupid and soft-spoken that he can't even think about it.It's a bit extreme, but it's no different than a man who publishes POV photos without permission from women and says, "I'm going to fuck so many women!"If there is a woman who wants to be held by such a man, you will think that the questioner is an idiot.


Next, there is also the problem that men do not want to be talked about by the previous man.


Let's assume that I and the questioner are in a relationship and it's finally time to go to a love hotel.In such a situation, what would happen if I suddenly said, "Sex has been around since 〇〇-chan"?


He would kick me in the crotch on the spot and leave the hotel.


Even if it's not as extreme as this, what this woman is doing is not very different.


And finally, the biggest problem is that they think that such bad information is probably appealing.


There is no imagination to cause trouble to the other party, and there is no logical intelligence.Despite that, his desire to show off is outstanding, and his mouth is light.In addition to being unable to understand people's feelings, he is a fanboy.


You are a helpless idiot no matter where you go.


Only the bad guys come near me


If there is a woman writing such a stupid profile, I recommend that you withdraw it immediately.


It's not because I'm announcing my stupidity to the world.


Instead, it is too dangerous, so I am telling you to stop now.


For example, let's say that 〇〇 contains the name of a famous politician.If I were the politician's hostile force, I would definitely approach the stupid woman and use it to seize the politician's scandal.


Since the ones who enter 〇〇 are famous men, there are also many enemies.For such an enemy, there is no doubt that such a stupid and soft-spoken woman is an extremely excellent source of information.



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