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Are you cute, lame, beautiful, weird, or okay?


How can I see myself objectively?


Sometimes I don't know if I'm cute, lame, beautiful, weird, or okay.







Thank you very much for your question.


If the person asking the question were to go to another cultural area while still dressed as they are now, the person asking the question would definitely be "weird".


The Mursi tribe of Africa considers a woman with a plate on her lips to be beautiful.So if you don't have a plate in your question, it's weird, ugly, and lame.


It is said that the Munon tribe symbolizes beauty by making large holes in their earlobes.Therefore, the person asking the question, who probably only has a piercing hole at most, would be strange, ugly, and lame.


In Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia, women cover their faces with a cloth called bijab.Therefore, the questioner who shows his hair, let alone his face, is undoubtedly strange and may be arrested.


Even if you ask me if I'm weird like this"for whom"If you don't think about it, you can't talk about it.This is not the story of a distant country, but even a small story within Japan.


For those who ask, who do you want to be seen as beautiful, cute and normal without being lame?


your rating is not in the mirror


Perhaps the questioner is not confident in his face, style and fashion.


So, for those who ask such questions, I will teach you how to tell if you are weird in an instant.


Shinjuku, Umeda, Sakae, anywhere is fine, so please go out into the city.Then, try walking on a street with a fair amount of people and see if the people you pass are looking at you strangely.


If no one is looking at you, at least you are not "weird" in that town.If the questioner is strange,1People and2People will look at you.


It's a stupid way, but I'm very serious.This is because people like the questioner often look in the mirror and think that their face is useless or bad.


If you want to know an objective evaluation, the only way is to ask someone other than yourself to evaluate it.The eyes that stare at yourself in the mirror are unmistakably the eyes of the person who asked the question.It is an extremely subjective evaluation, and it can be said that there is no fragment of objectivity.


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