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disgusting person



There is a phenomenon that makes you feel uncomfortable when you are together, but you dislike your father the moment you split up for a while.


I don't know why.There are those who say so and those who do not.What do you think it is?






Thank you very much for your question.


Prostitution is said to be the first job in the history of mankind.And as far as I know, the work of prostitution has never disappeared from the earth.


There is no doubt that the profession of prostitution still exists in modern Japan.surely"Legally"It may not exist, but there is no doubt that soap and papa katsu are de facto prostitution.


Putting aside the pros and cons of prostitution, papa-katsu is practically prostitution, and prostitution is not a hobby or a pastime, but a career.


No matter how beautiful things are lined up, the reality is that the person asking the question is just meeting the dad as a business.Even the questioner won't go out to play with his dad if the allowance runs out.


In other words, the person who asked the question while meeting with Papa was in work mode.And the job will not be a fun job for the questioner.Therefore, the questioner at work may be unconsciously distorting his thoughts.


I hear that women who work in brothels count prime numbers in their minds when men shake their hips.It's also a way to escape from the harsh realities.In other words, she's trying to turn away from reality and get through the tough times.


However, if Papa disappears in front of you, there is no need to escape from reality.That's why the person who asked the question must regain the original feeling of "this old man is disgusting" as soon as his father is gone.


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