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List of preparations to be careful on the first date ~ Appearance edition ~

First impressions matter! !

Women dress up because they want to be cherished, and men earn money because they want to be taken off quickly.
It seems that the point is a little different between marriage activities and dad activities in the bargaining that never ends.

Points that men hate!Let's wear it so as not to remove it first!

・Too much perfume

Among the people who wake me up for interviews, I can sniff out Chloe and Chanel.
I love it because it smells so good!
But in many cases it is quite NG for men.
As an impression, it is easy to imagine working at night.Are you hiding your body odor? .Such
I'm usually worried about the smell and it's not about eating!Sometimes it makes me feel uncomfortable!

Do you often hear the scent of fabric softener? !like soap and shampooSubtle fragrance.Is not it.

I wonder if there are few people who usually wear perfume when they wear it?Let's keep it around!

・Clean clothes are the best? !

Most of the men who come to the dating club are in their 40s to 60s.
It is undeniable that men will always have a longing for black hair like a girl and a neat dress.
But I don't think it's the best.

The point is, is it suitable for you? !

Figure out what type you are first.
It is easy to understand thatCute system"Or"beautiful systemI think the clothes will change.
It is a feminine outfit with bangs, floral dress, frills and lace.

・Beautiful system
Mode Asian beauty, tight dress, monotone, mannish cool adult woman image.

Character is also important.

I just want to note
I'm an active person and I usually wear jeans and a T-shirt, so I'll go as I am!is no good (laughs)

The antonym of "casual" is "formal".
Casual is fine on a date.Men sometimes say,
Jeans and T-shirts are definitely not allowed. . 💦

Formal clothes are chic, elegant and monotone.
Small items such as leather products, fur, and silk fabrics must be coordinated to match the high-quality location.

TPOI also want to keep in mind the clothes that match.

・Glitter nails

Halloween nails are cute, aren't they?
The glittery lame lame!Girls love to do things like that, so it can't be helped. .
But from the male side, it's a point that pulls quite a bit.


Keep your glitter nails on when you meet only girls
Keep it simple when dating!

One tone and beige color for a mature look.
Or just clear nails are enough.

The ultimate is care that goes unnoticed.

I think that even those who do not usually do nails need a minimum of care.
No curls, long nails, or dry hands.

・ Heavy makeup

I also have a thin face, so if I wear false eyelashes, eyeliner, and red lipstick, people will say I'm a different person. (smile)

I don't recommend wearing too much makeup.
The male side will set up.Please try to make a soft impression.

Even if natural is the bestno makeup.
Even if you don't use foundation, if you apply blush, your skin will look brighter,
The impression is different just by wearing a colored lipstick.

If you are not good at makeup, use blush and rouge.


◎ Finally

Unfortunately, even if you get too excited and get fired up, you won't be invited to the next date.

I have told you some points to receive daddy
including allIndividualityMost of the men who accept it as a gentleman.I want to believe
However, on a first date, I think it's better to keep your true nature to half.

It's been very cold these days 💦
Please watch your step when you move around, and please go to the waiting room after you arrive and use the restroom (*^^*) 
Approximate arrival time is about 10 minutes before (*^^*) 
“Nice to meet you, today is ◎◎.
And the beginning is important, so please give me a good impression (*^^*)♪ 


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