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[PR] Nicely produced male members! ~Gachinko Universe Club~

Gachinko Universe Club has started!

Thank you for always using Universe Club.

The dating club only introduces first dates, and cannot be involved in subsequent relationships.

It's been seven years since I started working, and I've been a member of the club for many years. It would be better if I did this!I get the same feedback from this person every time!Don't be discouraged. Unless this person changes, the woman of destiny won't appear...

I was feeling confused.

However, it is not common sense to say that it is the male member who receives the money, the customer is God, and God is wrong.

It's a simple matter.Those who break the rules are forced to withdraw from the club without any improvement, and let them know that they are not suitable for the club.

Such a rule does not increase customer satisfaction... I was frustrated that I could not tell the answer even though I knew the answer if I could change with a little thing.

But we feel it too.

I don't think I'm as bad as a bad man! You should know that if a woman truly loves you, you'll be happy with everything, such as forcible invitations, but why don't you just listen?

This project was born from such a question.

We are looking for members who want to be reborn as a good man!

dress, appearance, behavior, etc.
With a little change, I can be reborn as a good man, but I don't think I'm as bad as a bad man...
Would you like to be reborn on this occasion to avoid wasting setting fees, renewal fees, and time?

● Recruitment conditions

・Members who want to change themselves
・Members who listen to Mamiya's trainer's advice obediently and carry it out
・Members who can appear in YouTube videos (I will take pictures of how they change)
*The degree of blurring is negotiable


① Fashion coordination
Mamiya will visit the apparel shop together and coordinate.

②Haircut & grooming improvement
Hair, eyebrow cutting, shaving, head spa, ultrasonic peeling, nail care, etc.
We fix appearance in designated men's hair salon.

③Remote/face-to-face/LINE counseling
Analyzing trends in past feedback that reaches you
We will tell you how to improve the atmosphere, how you look, how you speak, how you eat, how you communicate on LINE, etc.

④ Simulation date (In order to seek realism, we may ask female members)

⑤ First date setting after producing
Mamiya will be in charge of exchanging settings.

All the above content is free!
・Clothing fee
・Barber shop fee
・Simulation date
・ First date setting fee
The club will pay the full amount.

As a member's dating life supporter, I will throw away my public appearance and give loving encouragement only with my true intentions.
For that reason, I will also be prepared to say things that are difficult to say clearly!

After sending the above emails, we received several inquiries, and we have decided to produce 5 members this time!

The first is Ken, the Last Samurai!Please take a look.

 Gachinko Universe Club!Mr. Ken [interview]

Universe Club
Marketing Unit
Enma Mamiya

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