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[PR] Universe Club celebration money campaign

We become indebted to.
This is Hashimoto from Universe Club.

Right now at Universe Club"Membership Celebration Campaign"are you holding?

There are many people who can't feel the moisture in their days as the self-restraint due to the coronavirus continues.
Self-restraint with no end in sight, anxiety about an unstable future, I can't even go on my favorite trip, and I can't do what I want to do...

Universe Club will help make your daily life a little more colorful!

Celebration money GET just by joining?!

During the campaign period, you will come to Universe Club / THE SALON for an interview and join (including re-enrollment).
Don't forget to declare "I saw a celebration money campaign" when applying for an interview!

I'm curious about the gift amount
5,000 yen ~ 30,000 yen (*Prices are subject to change according to club regulations.)
It has become.

Just come to the interview and join
You can go out to eat something delicious, buy the cosmetics you want, or buy the summer clothes you've been interested in.

Campaign summary


From May 2021, 5 to June 11, 2021, 6:30

Participation condition

・Women who came to Universe Club/THE SALON for an interview and became a member (including re-enrollment) during the campaign period. (Withdrawal → Re-enrollment is not possible during the period)
・Those who live in Japan.
・Those who declared that they saw a celebration money campaign when applying for an interview
・Those who have not withdrawn from the club at the time of payment

How to receive

For those who interviewed from May 5th to May 11st, the last day of June will be transferred.
For those who interviewed from May 6th to May 1st, the last day of June will be transferred.

* If you do not enter data such as account information one week before the transfer, the transfer will be invalid.Please be sure to complete the account registration from the URL sent at the time of enrollment.


・If you are not hired at the interview, if you decline, or if you cannot register as a member, you will not be able to participate.
・For those who have been withdrawn in the past and rejoined,Please refrain from using difficult tricks that require you to withdraw and rejoin during the period.
・If you do not have membership qualification at the time of transfer, you cannot transfer.
・Congratulatory money can only be paid by bank transfer to an account in the name of the applicant.
If it is determined by the club that it is for the purpose of celebratory money, it will be excluded. (You cannot accept dating offers even once during the period, you cannot publish your profile, etc.)
・If the face-to-face interview is not completed by 2021:6 on June 30, 20, you will not be eligible.
The amount of the congratulatory money will be determined by the club's standards.We do not disclose the details of the screening, but we will decide based on demand from male members, such as those with excellent appearance and titles.
・Online interviews are not eligible.Only those who have had a face-to-face interview with the staff.
・For transfer information, please be sure to enter accurate information.Accounting information at our company is fed up with improperly written account information (account number missing one digit, etc.).

How to apply

If you want to participate in this campaign, at the time of applicationApply by stating "participation in the celebration money campaign".
The person in charge at the site does not think, "It's impudent to ask for a congratulatory money. All right, I won't hire you."Please take what you can afford.

It's not just the congratulatory money that you get

"If you can get a celebration money, join us~♪"
Welcome to join us with a motive.

However, there may be unexpected encounters by joining the club.

I hope that this membership will not only end with receiving a congratulatory money, but will lead to a wonderful encounter that will turn your life around.


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