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I read the first part of the shoujo manga "Kawaki", which is set in the life of a dad.

The word Papa-katsu was coined by Universe Club. Before I joined the company (two years ago), if I searched for Papa-katsu, two or three sites would come up. There were a lot of dad activities.

It's become a drama, a manga, and it's spreading more and more, and the fact that the spark is none other than the Universe Club is still in a state of excitement.

It sounded like an advertisement, but it's the truth, so I wanted to brag about it. .

I've never been a daddy, and I'm a person behind the scenes at a dating club, so I think it's presumptuous to talk about my experiences and give advice to daddy girls.

However, fortunately, I love manga, so in order to deepen my understanding, I would like to read a manga set in Papa Katsu and write down my impressions.

I like that the author is Reiko Momochi.

This time, Reiko Momochi is the author of the shoujo manga “Kawaki” published in the November issue of kiss, set in the life of a dad.
I liked Momochi's manga when I was in high school, so I wanted to read it.


Momochi's style has a lot of incisive content such as bullying, drug addiction, and rape. (It can also be taken as the best happy ending)

Momochi-san drew a series of complaints about papa-katsu, and this was so fitting that Shinji Nojima wrote the script for papa-katsu.

The drama of Papa Katsu had a stronger romance element, and gave the impression of a girl's cartoon.


The main character and the junior girl were active as dads at the dating club.There were interviews and shooting scenes, and it was close to the image.


Mai, the main character, is a second-year office worker.When he was worried about repaying his scholarship, his junior Erica recommended him to be a dad.

I refuse on the spot, but if I feel lighthearted, I go to the dating club to register.

Compared to the flashy Erica, the plain-looking Mai goes on dates with several dads, even though she thinks it's impossible for her.

From now on, please read this magazine m(__)m

thoughts on dad life

It's just my guess, but since it's Momochi-san, I feel like the main character, Mai or Erika, or both, will probably fall...

After all, it is better not to do dad life, it seems that there is no such delicious story.

But I think working for rent and living expenses will block your dreams and hopes.
For that reason, there are various means such as continuing to live in the parents' house, living with friends and boyfriends, and getting married.

I think one of the options for smart women is to use their youth and beauty to become a daddy.

However, just being young and looking good doesn't mean you can have a long-term relationship with your dad.
Efforts are necessary for that, but if I can receive long-term support from a rich dad, it is not a dream to receive support that I can never get from an office worker.


The Universe Club also has manga.It's a very bright story.
It's free, so please read it too ♪

Daddy activities at a dating club that you can understand with manga

When writing a column, it is a rule not to advertise, but at the end it ended up being an advertisement again...sorry!


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