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Three unforgettable characteristics of the woman who asked me to register as a universe interviewer

When I was interviewing many people a day, I met a lot of women who wanted me to register.
This time, I would like to introduce three characteristics of women who I would like you to register.
She was a wonderful woman and I will never forget her.

Membership qualification

First of all, what is the membership qualification?Official pageis described.

Although it is written that you are eligible to join,Conditions for refusal of registrationis specified.
When I saw it for the first time, I felt strange.
Seeing this made me realize that dating club interviews are different from company or part-time job interviews.

While there are many reasons why people come to register,
I really want you to register during the interview, so please register from me!Common to women who askedLet me talk about the three characteristics along with the flow of the interview!

Three characteristics common to those who requested registration

①Greeting with a smile

As an interviewer, I am nervous before the interview, wondering what kind of woman will come.
When the room ping-pong rings and the door is opened
I still can't forget the lady who greeted me with a smile, "Thank you for your time today."
VeryFresh and nice smileI thought so.

One of the most memorable memories I have is during the intense summer heat.
It must be very hard for you to walk to the interview place
"I'm sorry I'm sweating. Today please!"
He said. . .
I was surprised because I'm the kind of person who comes to work sweating enough to change clothes, sprints to go under the air conditioner, and is exhausted.
I was wondering if there was anyone who could greet me with a smile even though I was having a hard time.
I always remember summer.

② Polite behavior

Please change into slippers when you go up to the interview room.
There was a woman who had her shoes neatly arranged after she took them off at the entrance.
In the strange space of a dating club interview,
I felt that she was a polite woman when I saw her neatly arranged.
I think it's difficult if you don't do it on a regular basis.

Some men who are registered like polite people, so
I feel that many men ask me out on dates even after registering for women who can match their shoes and say thank you.

③ I can convey my feelings

Why did you want to register based on the content of the interview?
I'm asking you questions about how you want to be in a relationship with a man.
I am very happy and relieved that you are the one who clearly conveys your feelings.

The reason is that Universe Club will register you and set up your first date with a man.
The club is not involved in the time between men and women during the date.

If you feel uncomfortable during a date with a man, even a little, you have to refuse it yourself.
I think there are people who are not good at telling,
I don't want anyone who has taken the trouble to register to feel bad about it.
It may be something you think because it's the same woman.
So if you are someone who can convey your feelings, you can rest assured,
I would like you to register.

After that,The one who smiles when we meet.

I will fall if this is done.
A charming woman with a smile and a smile is very cute and healed.
I can recommend it to men ~~!Alright!
In my heart, I gave a fist pump.Please register!I asked for it!

Also, there is something important.

Points to note when applying for an interview

In fact, there are some people who feel uneasy about the interviewer when planning the interview schedule other than during the interview.
・Those who canceled on the day of the interview
・Those who did not come to the interview without contacting us to cancel
・Those who are significantly late

As for why,
This is because I think the most important thing is not to cause trouble even if I introduce it to a man.
On the day of the date, those who have lost contact with the club without contacting them,
Some people oversleep and are very late for dates.
Because of this, as an interviewer, I'm trying to ascertain whether the woman can keep her promises.

If you need to cancel due to work or an emergency, please let us know as soon as possible.
I hope that you will come and visit us if you have the time.

Even if it can't be helped, just treat me politely
I am filled with joy.

I'm not in charge of the interview right now, but I'd be happy if you could tell even a little that there were so many wonderful women at Universe Club (^^♪

So I will drone! !

It's a fun marketing mizushima just to be alive.A group that pushes the back of those who are worried about registering for a dating club.

Article by Karen Mizushima

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