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What kind of women can be selected as male members of the Universe Club?

I wondered what was the decisive factor when men who were registered with the club asked me out on a date.
There are some points that make it easier to get offers, so I would like to share them with you.

First of all, I will talk about why it is difficult to receive offers even after registering, based on the number of registered people and the problems.

Female members of Universe Club

Currently, about 7300 people are registered nationwide.
Tokyo: 2000 people
Osaka: 1000 people
Nagoya: 700 people
There are about 400 registrations left.

The problem that there are too many people and it is buried in the member page

This is quite influential!
What does it mean to be buried in the male member page in the first place?
First of all, here is the page that actual male members see ↓↓

I am wearing a mosaic, but women are lined up.
7000 women are lined up.
I will tell you about the order in which they are lined up and how to display them on the first page, so please refer to it.

First, update

① Use the comment function

There is an infinite comment function.
By writing a comment, your profile will also be displayed on the male side, and each time you write a new comment, it will be easier to appear on the first page.

② Use the calendar function

Most men are elite and busy.
Knowing your free time in advance will make it easier to connect with offers from men.

③Using the Nice function

You can appeal to the man you searched for yourself.
I've also heard that the fact that you actually sent me this wonderful photo has led to a date ◎

④ Post a private photo

I don't recommend using an app like Ulike to fix it.
It is recommended that you do not edit too much because the difference from the uncensored photo taken by the staff at the time of registration is too big.

So far, while making it easier to be displayed on the first page,
It's a way to make it easier for offers to come.

Next, I will explain based on the points that men choose.

Questionnaire for deciding the offer for male members

Here are the survey results.

The reason for the majority was "whether you like the appearance".
Men have so many different tastes that I don't know what to do.

"Women's comments" and "date conditions (place and time) seem to match" that I talked about earlier
The items I introduced earlier as a way to make it easier to receive offers, such as "private photos were good", were also decisive factors!
So it's better to do this with a mast.

So what else can you do?

Let's consider in order from the top of the decisive factor.
First of all, "recommendation from the staff".

It might be a good idea to ask the staff via LINE or email, "Please introduce me to a nice man."

Maybe the staff will also recommend it to men!
It's the man who makes the final decision, so to be honest, it's hard to recommend. . .

Then next time it's equally decisive
What do you think of the item "It seems to be a good match"?
This can be done soon, so if you log in to your own member page and write down your hobbies as much as you can think of, it will be easier to get offers.

Extra edition

Among the other items, there were quite a few men who referred to the constellations.
Romantic men are also registered.

I don't know what makes men decide

It is important to wait, but it is also important to appeal to men yourself.

I can't register in the universe, so I'm practicing writing as many details as possible on the matching app and pushing likes.
I have been caught!

I would appreciate it if you could help me with something.

It's a fun marketing mizushima just to be alive.A group that pushes the back of those who are worried about registering for a dating club.

Article by Karen Mizushima

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