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This Christmas, dads are also very busy Vol.3 (DAY ONE first part)


This Christmas DAY ONE

This year, my Christmas schedule was packed to the brim.

I think every woman who is a father would be grateful for this.

I had narrowed my friends down to just one dad, and suddenly he stopped, and he confessed his loneliness to me over the phone.

In that respect, I can't be fooled.

Since I have contracts with multiple dads, I didn't want to worry about being canceled on the same day, so I took out insurance so that I could enjoy my private life as well. (I think about this every year.)

Well, it's a wonderful Christmas that all the daddy girls out there will enjoy.

My schedule spans two days.

This time, let's talk about the first day.

My Christmas Day ONE is divided into daytime and nighttime sections.

This is to meet two dads in one day.

Personally, I would like to spend two days meeting just one father.

However, being a dad is a job for me...

I think it's a natural part of daddy life that if the other person wants me, I have to go there.

In particular, when it comes to daddy activities, I think every day that I need to maintain the feeling of being indebted to my dad.

That's why when weighing up her private life, her feelings for her father often end up winning out.

Having said that, my schedule also has limitations, so I can't meet all the dads who have contracts with me on the day of the event, so I feel a lot of regret about that. (I think I talked about how you are handling this last time.)

So, on the first day, my work starts in the morning.

First, Eve arranged to meet her first father for lunch at 12 o'clock.

The location is Roppongi Hills.

However, I didn't want to go empty-handed, so I woke up at 5 a.m. that morning and baked a little cornbread.

Why did you bake cornbread? There is a reason for this.

Actually, I will be meeting two fathers on this day, and both of them are returnee children.

He is an uncle who lived in America for a long time.

For this reason, when it comes to Christmas, cornbread is always served next to the main dish in America. (I was in a similar environment.)

That's why I bake cornbread for these two people every year and bring it to them. (We have been together for over two years now.)

When I first brought it out, I got a great response, so I guess I'll continue with it. (I'm pretty confident in the taste)

After that, I bought a Cartier bracelet that cost about 10 yen.

eh? Do you spend that much money on being a dad? People around me say that, but as I said last time, Christmas is a day for me to express my gratitude to my dad.

So I'm not concerned at all.

However, there is one thing that bothers me, as I said about ``meeting the two dads on Eve''...

The designs of the presents were quite similar, and I felt sorry for that.

Still feeling a bit negative, when I arrived at Roppongi Hills at 12:XNUMX, my dad was already sitting on the bench inside, waiting for me.

And I saw a bouquet of roses in her hand.

When I receive a bouquet of roses like this, I get excited.

This is not a normal scene in my daily life.

From there, move on to Akasaka.

My dad was staying at my favorite hotel, Hotel Monterey Akasaka, so I went with him.

There, I took a break with my dad, and since I was hungry, we had dinner at Akasaka Kinton.

The meat sushi here is exquisite.

However, perhaps because I had made a reservation, I was able to enjoy my meal in peace and without any stress.

In the first place, Dad chose Roppongi Hills as the meeting place, do you know why?

Apparently, he wanted to go with me to buy a present for me.

However, I decided not to receive it on that day.

The reason is simple.

Christmas is a day when I want to express my gratitude, in order to maintain my stance as a father.

This was really my honest opinion, and I was really satisfied just by receiving the bouquet.

This dad even pays the rent every month.

Indeed, from Dad's perspective, it might be easy money.

But from my point of view, it's a lot of money, and even though we're connected through dad-hunting, if you think about it calmly, you're just a complete stranger.

They have been supporting me in my daily life for a long time.

I think if you ask for more than that, you'll get a drumstick.

That's why I want you to celebrate Christmas every year.

Of course, I should probably pay for the meals, etc., but I can't hurt my dad's face, so I'm okay with that.

Did you have sex with this dad during the day? When I was asked...I did.

He's quite an old man, but his sexual desire was even greater than usual.

That's also because I don't have confidence after drinking, so we had sex at the hotel before dinner, and we got through the second round normally, so I said, ``Daddy, are you okay?'' I became worried.

After dinner, I went back to the same hotel with this dad and said goodbye at the entrance.

At that time, I also gave them a letter expressing my daily gratitude.

Then, I plan to go home and meet my new dad in the evening.

To be honest, my legs were a little shaky because I hadn't planned on having sex with the dad I met during the day.

However, my Christmas has only just begun.

By the way, my dad, who I met during the day, had a bag hidden in my bag.

When I opened it, there was 20 yen inside.

From my point of view, the feeling was, ``I don't need this!!!''

However, I thought that it was probably my father's best wishes for that day, so I lined up as soon as I noticed.

At that time, I left a message saying, ``I love you always, Daddy.''

Then, I received a reply saying, ``Next time, let's go shopping.''

That was the moment I realized that the service I provided to my first father on the first day was a great success.

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