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Allowance!Worried about the second and subsequent times? ?Anxiety unique to dating clubs

hello everyone.This is Tsukishima.

It's very cold these days.Ladies and gentlemen, please be careful not to catch a cold.

Will I get paid properly from the second time onwards?

Well, this time!

I used to want to start a dating club!I would like to write about a question I received from a friend.

``I'm relieved that the club will see it properly for the first time, but I'm worried if I can get the money from the second time onwards!do you get it? ? 』

That's it.


・ The club will act as an intermediary for the first time

・From the second time onwards, the club has also told me to interact freely.

・I'm worried because there are no rules from the second time onwards

That's what it means.

I see, it's a problem that Tsukishima, who has fallen to the dark side, couldn't think of.

I decided to write this time.

In conclusion, 2% of the men I met at the dating club will give me an allowance after the second time.

It's pretty safe there.

However, the remaining XNUMX% ​​of men

- Gradually decrease allowances

・ Only taxi fare will be paid

・I want to get along well without paying any money.

That's my impression.

What kind of people were they?

・People who fumble at the initial negotiation stage

・Those who only brag when talking

・Those who do not take care of themselves

I think it depends on the person, but I'm not good at negotiating money, so if it doesn't work out lightly, I give up. (Because there was no relationship..)

So I think the important thing is the first time.

We are negotiating while listening to the other party.It's personal subjectivity.

Closed question, not open question! !

What I've been doing lately is

You should be careful

Make sure to negotiate before going to the hotel.

I negotiate at the store in two parts while walking while I leave a little space between them.

Therefore, if it does not match the amount of allowance you think, you may refuse it.

Extreme story "1 is? ’ is said.

Even if you only have a meal, you can definitely get 1 with transportation expenses.

Transportation expenses and allowances are included in the time after the meal, so it is better to consider that.

In other words, if it is 1, the amount will not change even if you go home, so you should go home and sleep.

I said 1 as an extreme example, but (although it will never happen)

It is better to negotiate while considering transportation costs.

Therefore, it is better for those who are sensitive to alcohol to be able to think calmly without drinking too much.

Now, there are some points to keep in mind when negotiating. I will tell you one thing.

Closed question, not open question! !

What is it?Some people may think so.

What is an open question? → A question that asks for an answer that states your thoughts, etc.

A closed question is a question that can be answered with YES or NO.

You read it right!

It is a well-known negotiating technique.

We do not leave everything up to the other person (open question).

Once you do that, you're no longer negotiating, you're just taking the other person's opinion.It will be in the form ofAfter all, wages are negotiable.

This is because if you leave everything up to the other party in negotiations and things are different from what you expected, you will eventually have a hard time.

The other party is only a manager, so to speak, a professional of negotiations.Better keep that in mind.People who just want to compromise as a special case have compromised.

However, if you only talk about money, the other party will become disgusted and you will not be able to negotiate.
End smartly and concisely.

Also, be aware of your location and tone of voice.I think that there are many people who are interested.

And after the second time.If it's a little less, it might be nice to be pampered.

I sincerely hope that everyone will be able to live a wonderful life as a dad!


Without overstretching, I will write what I think about dad life as it is, both good and bad.I would appreciate it if you could join me!

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