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Jikiden! !How to win a date! ~Things to do in advance and be careful when eating!Hen

Good evening everyone.

Tsukishima, who has been writing only about failures, (Are you drawing? Is it okay??)

I will do my best to prepare before the meeting.

Today, I would like to talk about the points that Tsukishima, who has continued to fail, has reached as a culmination, while also sharing dates at other dating clubs.

Let's assume that the other party in this story is Mr. Tanaka.

56 years old, company management.she likes to drink

Since we are from the same hometown, I decided to meet you.

I am short in stature.Meals are Japanese food.


When dating at a dating club, I think you can tell me something about your partner.

"Hey. This is the kind of person you are."

You can't just think about it.

First of all, what I noticed before meeting with the above information

In the late 50s, the fact that you specified Japanese food 

I think the rice should be light, so if someone asks me what I want to eat, I'll refrain from fried foods.


He seems to like alcohol, so the food can be light snacks (excluding dried food depending on the partner)

As a company manager,You had better dress yourself.

speak the language beautifullylet's do it (I will speak a little bit of dialect with the meaning that I would be happy if you could sometimes remember the familiarity of being from the same hometown.)

Let's take a quick look at current affairs.

Since we are from the same town, I think we will also talk about the region.I'm weak in geography, so I'll just keep in mind the rough location.

I think I'm short Don't tie your hair and wear low pumps on the day.


And so on, Tsukishima does what he can to prepare before meeting him.

And the important thing about the knowledge to put in is broad and shallow.

I think that a woman who knows too much is not interesting,It is important to be taught (spoken)Kana Tsukishima is thinking.

I wonder if it's a place like this.

The first impression has never been better.

Now it's time for a date.

I think I'll call first.

hereAlways speak politely and politely.

Tame mouth is outrageous!

The other man has met many people!In other words, he is a management professional.I try not to talk in a way that makes me feel embarrassed and anxious when I walk with him.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Tsukishima, who I promised to go on a date with from XX o'clock. I'm in front of XX right now, what kind of clothes are you wearing, Mr. Tanaka?"

I always talk like this.To

The first impression has never been better.


Also, if your voice is soft, it may be difficult for the other person to hear you.

You should speak loud and clear.


When you join and move Walk with your stride.

Don't forget to smile and say hello.

(Tanaka-san was a cute troll-like old man! He was a little taller than me.)

If the other person doesn't talk much while walking, I first ask them about their usual non-drinking habits, favorite foods, and disliked foods for research purposes.


Come on, let's get to the store.

What I'm careful about when eating is Drinking the same type of alcohol.Eating and drinking at the same rate,

Sit with good posture.

The reaction is not too big and solid.

Are you polite to dad as well as to the store clerk?

The rest is to make use of research, right?

I feel that there are many people who are older, butEating good food is very important.

Eat rice with the mirroring effect in mind

Isn't it nice to be on the side of being pampered?

I try to have a reaction that makes me happy when I treat my juniors to dinner and they look really delicious and want to take me out to dinner again.

Also, I eat relatively quickly, so I try to eat rice with the mirroring effect in mind.

In short, it is a form of drinking alcohol when the other party drinks alcohol, and eating when eating sashimi.

In psychology, it is said to induce an entrainment effect.


(Those who don't like alcohol should drink as much as they can without overdoing it.)


Then ask what the other person is interested in.Is it the form of saying?

If you like cars, ask about cars.

If you like alcohol, it might be a good idea to try listening to easy-to-drink alcohol or ask about your favorite alcohol.


Also, laughing is important, but clapping your hands and laughing is rude.

It might be a good idea to keep in mind that the reaction is neither too big nor too small!


Without overstretching, I will write what I think about dad life as it is, both good and bad.I would appreciate it if you could join me!

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