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What would you do if your dad's activities were discovered? ? ~Countermeasures Part 1~

▼Synopsis so far

I was supposed to be doing dad activities in secret, but...
There is a good chance that you will accidentally see the scene (?) and be exposed!

Since it is related to one's security, it is necessary to devise solid measures to protect oneself.
It was a necessary part until the last time (´・ω・`)

Let's take a countermeasure, let's try! ♡
This might work! ?We will take action!

▼ Part 1: Prepare in advance

It's impossible to find out if you're the only one!It is important to have this awareness first.
For the time being, if you know the course of your dating in advance, analyze the possibilities in advance.


For example ...

・Where is the best place to meet someone?
school?workplace?near your home?Or...?etc

・Who are you likely to meet?
If you are from your hometown (hometown), if you are transferred to a new location that is different from your hometown, etc.

・Assuming what kind of situation you can't escape when you see it

For example ...

We were holding hands!
I had my arms crossed!
When entering the hotel... by chance...! ?etc

(Seki once ran into a classmate while waiting in the hotel lobby a long time ago.)

When you start analyzing, there are quite a lot of patterns that come out.
Let's hold down these two points more firmly, the tendency to be seen easily, the tendency to get acquaintances easily!

▼ Let's organize our heads!

If you can't organize your head, it might be a good idea to prepare paper, a pen, and a smartphone and organize it once.

・ Advantages/disadvantages of being a dad
・ When dad activities are found out around
・List up areas, shops, roads (routes), etc. that you may encounter

By putting it on paper, you may discover something unexpected.

“Speaking of which, ●●-chan, you said you were going there this week~!

“It looks like this area will be crowded on that day because of live performances (or events), so it’s possible that people who don’t usually come to this area will come too… Let’s talk to Papa♪”
↑ In this way, it becomes easier to take risk hedging.

Also, at this time, let's think about some patterns of reactions in the unlikely event that you run into a friend or the like.

If possible, if you have more than one, it will be easier to react naturally according to various scenes.

Rather than just thinking about it in your head, I recommend this method to keep your mind organized and clear your anxiety.

If you don't prepare at all, you'll end up freaking out, almost crying, or going blank.

If you're well prepared, you'll have more leeway and you'll be less likely to run into them in the first place.It's strange, isn't it?

▼If you are prepared, you will not get sick

How was it?

There are many things that can be changed by being aware of the anxiety factor and thinking about it calmly.

Rather, it's okay to think that 8% is perfect if you can grasp this.

Next time, I will write about what to do if someone around you sees you♪

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