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Club Activities Extra-Fascinating Sexual Massage

The theme this time is sexual massage!

It seems that there are various types of sex shops that men use, but Magnolia doesn't know much about the types and systems... Do you know?
There are women too!

What is an erotic massage used by women?

Do women need that?Do you think
Magnolia, there are times when you want to be irresponsible.

I'm sure women in the world can't say it, but it should be there.
"Yabai, I've entered that period..."

There's nothing wrong with meeting your partner right away, but sometimes the timing isn't right.
Dating sites are scary, and I wonder if there's a place where women can easily release their sexual desires, like men do.That was the beginning.

Search online and check reviews!

We live in a convenient world.If you search on the net, you will find it.

Examine the contents, first of all, do you apply for business properly?
Is your blog or website suspicious?Are the fees and systems in order?

...I don't really like it, but I also checked the reviews on 2ch. (I'm assuming most of it is false information, but I'll confirm.)

Still, if you don't try, you won't know.As a result, I was able to taste both the failure pattern and the satisfaction pattern.

Failure pattern-Individual business, business trip massage

And I chose a certain business trip massage.
We will contact you by email to arrange a time and place to meet.

They are very sincere in their email exchanges.
After telling him that it was his first time at Magnolia and his age, he confirmed one thing.

It was my first time at Magnolia, and I had a boyfriend, so I didn't feel like I needed a real show.
So, "I want to feel refreshed without the actual performance."The reply is something like "I will answer your request properly, so please don't worry ^ _ ^".

But the world isn't so sweet...

A young man I don't like at all appears

The person who showed up at the meeting was a man with a good physique who, according to the homepage, had a "healing" face... Indeed, it might be a healing type as a category.
However, he looks too young (I think he's trying to be fashionable), and I don't like him at all...

However, the smell is fine, so it's not physiologically unreasonable.
Well, it was a massage, so Magnolia was still confused as to whether she should close her eyes.

Go to the hotel with a familiar feeling

Check in at a nearby hotel.Normally, I would take a shower first, but I was already suspicious from this point...

I don't know what you like!

As I entered the room and started talking to him, the look in his eyes changed and I said, "He's really my type."

No, Magnolia, you're not my type at all...but I'm a timid person who can't say anything (laughs).
So, I wanted to take a shower, but they wouldn't let me.

When the massage started, it was already useless.

The technique is way to go!but…

I'm served with my mouth and hands, but it's too terrible, I can't even resist... Anyway, it's pleasant!
What the hell is going on!?He did that.

But the squirting itself doesn't feel good at all (in the case of Magnolia, though), so it's a pain...
In my long life, there have been only two times in the past when I naturally squirted due to the flow of SEX.

It felt really good, but I learned that it's painful to be forced to do that.

And the actual performance...

Being attacked earnestly, this is a different massage!Even though I think, I'm already exhausted.
In the end, the performance was forced, and Magnolia was no good, but she gave up and gave up.I finally got it right.

“This is not a job!
Idiot!I don't like this one~~!Are you a dog with a sakari?

After an hour, I was finally released.
What's more, even if you say it's not a job, you still receive the money.It was a bitter experience that made me not want to have sex for a while (tears).

Persistent invitation

Even after that, I received many emails... photos of my private life.
Your service was certainly pleasant, but unplanned sex was painful," and finally gave up.

That is the experience of failure.
If you look at the homepage, it's still working hard.

Certainly, the technique and tongue technique were excellent, so there must be a lot of repeaters unexpectedly.
Enough with Magnolia.

I felt bad when I spoke ill of the customer.
You're a professional, so don't speak ill of the customer to the customer!That's what it feels like.

Blissful time ~ open at the store, aroma massage

Despite having such an unpleasant experience, Magnolia never learns.
Yes, I am a bird head who quickly forgets unpleasant things.

This time, choose a store type.
On the homepage, there is an aroma massage performed by men.

However, it is miso that there is a groin in the massage part (laugh).
The store is a room in an apartment, but the interior is wonderful.

The lighting is faintly bright, and the scent of the aroma already makes me feel good!This usually feels good.

Your Favorite Man Appears!

The person who greeted me at the entrance was a slightly worn-out man in his 50s... He's of medium build and height, and he's the Magnolia type (laughs).

Before receiving a massage, check the parts that are not massaged, and have a detailed interview.
Choose your favorite aroma, take a shower, and change into the provided disposable underwear.

This is a tea bag (laughs).Thanks to the pubic hair, this is completely visible.

Travel massage experience

At the time of the interview, Magnolia frankly told me the bitter memories of that business trip massage, but was it good?She treated me very carefully.

According to what I hear, there are many cases where women are forced to perform.

Magnolia didn't ask me, "Are you going to do it?"
Also, whether or not it's a woman you like is a big difference.

blissful oil massage

From the results, the oil massage was very pleasant.
Massage everything from your toes to your fingertips and head.

And in the second half, focus on the lower body.
For sensitive areas, she gently asks, "Are you okay here? Don't you feel uncomfortable being touched?"

This is it!I love gentlemen like this.
I'm paying you, so I want you to feel good, not just your body.

What really bothered me was that the man who performed the treatment was breathing heavily (laughs).
Magnolia was wearing an eye mask, so I couldn't see her, but her brother's heavy breathing was close enough to touch.

Magnolia was fine that day, but if she's feeling horny, there's a big chance that she'll be swept away by the performance (sweat).

finish pleasantly

When I noticed, the paper shorts were also taken off, and I was pleasantly squid.
They immediately covered me with a towel, prepared a drink, and even gave me kind words, which made me very happy.

oil doesn't suit me

The only disappointing thing is that the aroma oil didn't suit my skin.
Especially in the massage of the sensitive zone, it seemed that it was not good to go inside, so I felt uncomfortable for several days.

I looked it up on the internet, and it seems that some salons are paying close attention to prevent oil from getting inside.
Unexpectedly, adult goods lotions may be safer.

There are ten different sexual sensations...

I can't think of a movie, so just one word.
Whether you feel it or not, whether your reaction is good or bad, depends on the person.

Not only does it vary from person to person, but it also depends on your physical condition and menstrual cycle.
It is a delicate act to overlap the body so much.

Is the female image that appears in AV and erotic comics an ideal from a male point of view?It is often an image.
However, the reality is more profound than the ideal, and it fills not only the body but also the mind.

For that reason, don't miss the reality... I hope you can get a relationship that has removed your ideal assumptions.

Magnolia, Japanese name is Magnolia.

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