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long term dating advice

do you remember

There is a screening process for joining the Universe Club.

All the women members are women who have passed the examination.

Always at the end when explaining the flow of the date

[How to make a nice daddy]Is explained.

One more time for those who forgot.

- Always keep time and promises

・Think things from the other person's point of view

・Do not forget to send a thank-you letter

I always say these three things.

HonestyIt's not a matter of course!Some people may have thought.

However, Kuroo thinks that there are more and more women these days who are not able to do such an obvious thing.

- Always keep time and promises

I think there are a lot of women who are loose with time these days.

Some of you were 10 minutes late for the first meeting, and some were waiting a little earlier than the scheduled time.

Which one do you think makes a better impression?

The image of the first meeting is very important and the other person is easy to drag.

■ This happened

15 minutes late from the lady.I got a call.

It seems that everything has been prolonged by putting in a plan before the date.

The gentleman was also kind enough to agree with me, and I was told that he would definitely arrive after 15 minutes.

However, after 15 minutes, we arrived at the nearest station to the meeting place.

When the woman immediately called and told her that she would take a taxi, the man got angry too.

After all, the club received a call and received a cancellation and contact.

When the woman arrived in a hurry by taxi, the man lost the desire to date and was sent home.

At this point, if you thought, "Oh, I'm so sorry...", be careful.

Papa life is not a game with friends.

Why did you put in factors that might cause delays?

Are you late if this date is work?

You're going no matter what, right?

(When Kuroo is going to be late for work, he runs so hard that he is drenched in sweat.)

But is it okay to be late for a date?

No excuse!

A woman who can't take care of other people's time can't be considerate of others.

please imagine.Men who were canceled or late

・ What if you were eating a course meal by yourself at a restaurant that you booked just for fun?

・ What if you have to wait in the cold for hours?

What if you had to wait outside for someone with a sore leg?

Kuroo's imaginative answer is [I'm sorry].

The Act of taking care of your time is It's an act of caring for people.

that's the second・Think things from the other person's point of view  

I think it leads to

Isn't the root of caring and caring for people from the point of thinking from the other person's point of view?

I think it will lead to growth as a person as well as a woman.

・Do not forget to send a thank-you letter

thank you.It's a lot of people who forget to say.

Thank you for doing something for me.always say

I think mothers throughout the ages have said this as if they were admonishing a small child.

Don't you tend to get caught up in what's in front of you as you grow up?

Except if there are people who think that it's because I gave them a date.

Because he found charm in ordinary people and found out from many women and took action.

You can have a delicious meal.

What is the meal charge?What about transportation costs?

Who paid for it?

Thanks for the meal.thank you very much.

That one word makes a big difference.

Just a few minutes on the train home.

I think you should make it a habit to set aside time to say thank you.

how to make a good daddy

When Kuroo heard these words, he thought to himself while learning them during his intensive training.

have a nice daddycreate What is it? ?

There is a saying like this.

A good man is made by a woman.Bad men are also made by women.

Whether or not the other man will be a wonderful dad is ultimately up to you.

People are mirrors.Nice people chain nice people together.

Why don't you aim to be a nice and attractive adult in order to make a nice daddy?

Anyone can be beautiful and cute if they pay money.

Instead of just looking at me as I get older,

As an adultcharm as a personWouldn't it lead to a long-term relationship if you put on?

First of all, it's obvious but I tend to forget Do you want to take care of these three points?

You may find the key to a long-term relationship.


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