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We have collected recommended videos for daddy girls.

We collected videos on the theme of dad life!
Daddy life wrapped in darkness.What is dad life in the first place?Are there any risks?

Check out the videos of other dating clubs as well!

Drama "Papa Katsu"

2017/6/26 (Monday) Start broadcasting on dtv・FOD!All 8 episodes have been released.
Due to popularity, terrestrial broadcasting will start on October 2017, 10♪
Starring Atsuro Watanabe and Marie Iitoyo.A love story written by Shinji Nojima.

A popular dad drama.It's a love story, so it's a must-see for daddy girls who like older people!
Atsuro Watanabe is so cool, I have a dream to have such a nice person as my dad!

NHK Nehorin Pahorin

2017/11/5 (Sun) Broadcast on E-tele!The performers are Ryota Yamazato and YOU.
Real life experience of a woman in her mid-twenties as a dad.

Be sure to check it out so you don't get too addicted or get into trouble when you're a daddy!
"Papa-katsu" is a drug...The number of young women who are addicted to it is increasing rapidly.
An irreversible sense of money.There is also the possibility of being involved in crime and sexual assault.
I'm afraid to get married after knowing that men are creatures who want to love even if they pay money.


Abema Prime

Broadcast on AbemaTV on 2017/11/14 (Tue.)
MCs are Kendo Kobayashi and Nana Yamada.Manga artist Nayuka Mine, Keio University associate professor Yujun Wakashin, and report writer Yukio Ishihara appear.

Daddy activity that friends are doing, dating on the internet is scary and opinions are divided.
Women who are actually working as dads start casually with a light heart.She says most of the women around her do it too.
I received support for 10 to 20 yen a month, a set of household goods, and two years of tuition.It seems that many women use the matching app "Paters".Papa's real intention is...?


Two people who are NEWS

Broadcast on TBS on Friday, November 2017, 11.
Keiichiro Koyama and Shigeaki Kato from NEWS are the MCs.Ms. Amika and Ms. Murakami of Mori Sanchu are appearing.

It is the reality of a young girl who likes uncles.
"What's wrong with being a dad!?" A woman with 20 dads.30 yen a month without her body.I can even think of marrying my dad!
I know it's not normal...


Dating Club Legs Long Uncle

It was introduced in the AbemaTV TiARY corner.

The highlight is that you can't hear the voice of the long-legged staff who is wearing a horse headgear (laughs)
It's amazing that women can also make offers!

Rose color dandy

2015/06/15 (Monday) Broadcast on Tokyo MX

Papa = Patron who supports women with love and money.She is sometimes more reliable than her biological father.
Daddy activities are better than marriage activities!? Benefits other than money.
What kind of woman is Daddy looking for?

A Final Word

At Universe Club, we take photos and videos during interviews.
Women may not like it, but with videos, you can understand not only their appearance, but also their voice and the atmosphere they have.

If it's a profile picture, rather than taking a selfie, it's better to have someone who has camera skills take it and even take a video with a beautiful background.
When it comes to actual dates, there is little difference between the real thing and the photo for male members, so I think you can have a good time as a result.

When you come to the interview, you may be able to face it without being nervous if you practice shooting a video.


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