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I read the second part of the shoujo manga "Kawaki" set in the life of a dad!

Last time, Reiko Momochi's controversial complaint series"Kawaki" Part XNUMX ReviewI was able to do it.
The December issue of kiss has already been released, and the second part of "Kawaki" has been published, so I will write the continuation! !


Synopsis of the first part

Mai listens to her troubles and gives her accurate advice.
On the other hand, Erica, who is a junior, follows Mai's invitation to a hotel by giving her an expensive watch.

My dad also invited me to go to the second house for the first time, and I took a taxi, but there were no shops, and the taxi kept running.

Synopsis of the second part

Mai is taken by her father in a taxi for nearly two hours.The place I arrived at was my father's mansion.
Papa's wife is in the mansion, and they treat her like a real daughter.


And in fact, the person who looks like a wife was a daddy woman who was hired to play the role of a wife.
Mai gets scared and quits being a dad, but...

Please read this magazine for more m(__)m

As a result...

It didn't fall as expected.

When I read Mochi's work when I was in junior high school and high school, I didn't have the same shock.
I don't know if it's because of the times, or if I've grown up, but it's probably both.

What do you think when you see a woman falling?

Some people may sympathize, but I think, "I don't want to be like that."
And I get annoyed with the main character.

The content of Momochi's work, which I saw in my adolescence, was a world around me that I had nothing to do with, and women of the same age were falling.

Even if I fall completely, it's fine if it's a manga, movie, or drama, but I don't want it to happen in reality.
I think so, especially for those who have been involved in my life.

as a teacher on the other hand

The Universe Club column is written with the policy of outputting without hiding the disadvantages of papa katsu and dating clubs.

That is, I want to make a column that sticks in the hearts of those who read it, the number of applications from women who do not understand their own value has increased, and since the company has not done anything wrong, I am confident that I have nothing to hide. I'm guessing every day that it's not.

Representative Kida doesn't make a rule, be free!Since you say so, you have to think about the intention yourself...

in thinking,
I don't want a woman who works as a daddy to get into trouble

The feeling is the best.

For that reason, I would like to tell you a lot about the disadvantages through the column.
It's not good to get your hands on it because it's all about the disadvantages, but you can prevent troubles by knowing the disadvantages and doing dad activities.

There are bad adult men out there who will not hesitate to deceive young women who have little life experience.

There is a secret behind the delicious story.I would like you to become a daddy girl who can see the back part firmly!

author's voice

At the end of the story,

Most of the men who do papa katsu have desires

Sometimes that desire holds a great deep darkness

When the deep darkness turns to you

you may end up giving away something precious

Or it may be sucked out without you realizing it

Quote: December issue of kiss, Controversial series "Kawaki"

That's what it said.

It was not the inner voice of the main character, Mai, but the author's point of view, so I wondered if Momochi-san had the same feeling when writing this kind of manga.


The Universe Club also has manga!

last time,Daddy live manga for womenI introducedmanga for men"Dating club understood by manga"There is also ♪

Read this to understand how Dad feels!It's a very bright story, so it's recommended after you've been feeling down! !

In addition, there was no disciplinary punishment, and I advertised.sorry!


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