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About Cinderella by Universe Club

Two weeks have passed since the column opened on October 2017, 10 (Monday), and although it was an afterthought, I would like to write a belated greeting about the column.

I want to write only the truth

First of all, the writers of this column are staff members of the Universe Club, papa katsu, mistresses, and people who have experience in dating clubs.
Our staff, of course, wrote it individually.(By the way, we are looking for external writers, so we are looking forward to your application if you have experience as a dad.)

It's not a personal blog, but I write from multiple perspectives, so it's going to take shape as a true column.

Depending on the article, there are things that have a lot of reactions, content that will make you feel relieved, content that will buy anger, and so on.
I don't want to match the contents that have a lot of reactions, but I think that the color of each individual who writes will come out and be balanced.

The word Papa-katsu was coined by Universe Club, but I feel that only the word “Papa-katsu” has taken on a life of its own.
That's why I want to make this a column for women who are real dads, not writing lies, being myself, accumulating everyone's truths, and firmly conveying the reality of daddy life and dating clubs!

For that reason, we have to tell you not only the advantages but also the disadvantages.

From production to release

I am mainly in charge of the design of this column, and I am very grateful to have been entrusted with such a rewarding job.
When the representative, Kida, said, "Women can't keep up with this. Start over!", it took me some time to recover.

However, as a result, I was convinced from the bottom of my heart that I was able to do something good, and I was able to start.

To all women who realize the Cinderella story with "Papa Katsu"

I think any reason why you want to start working as a dad is fine.
If you're interested in something like something that looks fun or you don't want to lose to that girl, then you should start preparing and taking measures from there.

It's not ideal, but I want to try it, absolutely impossible!I hope that this column will be of some help when deciding whether or not you want to do something on your own.

Of course, it is packed with advice for women who are currently working as dads.

We will deliver useful content for both beginners and experienced dads!

Don't you sometimes find it hard to say what you're thinking to someone's face?
If it is a sentence, you can expose your true intentions.

Through this column, I would be happy if we could connect with each other in the real part, not the superficial part.


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