"You're cute" vs "You're pretty" vs "I'm your type"

When I go drinking with an Italian male friend, I casually talk to the female customer at the table next to me, and before I know it, it becomes a fun flow of drinking together.During the three minutes between when I go to the bathroom and when I come back, I suddenly get excited.When I went out drinking with other Japanese people, it wasn't like that when I was younger, but I don't talk to people because I'm relatively shy.

It is often said that ``Italians are quick to seduce women'' and ``Italians are good at talking.''I don't know if this is true for all Italians, but at least that friend of hers certainly hits it off right away and compliments the woman very nicely.Looking at him, I thought that the sense of distance and mentality towards women is different from Japanese people, so I can't do the same thing. Let's think about it.

Italian compliment

I don't remember exactly what he said, as I only heard it at the drinking table,

"Your eyes are really beautiful, beautiful"

I remember saying something likeTo be honest, I can't say anything to women I meet for the first time (laughs)
For women, even if they are told by a Japanese man who they are meeting for the first time, they will be taken aback. It seems better to think that it is impossible to directly refer to the phrase.

For example, an Italian like the essay by Mari Yamazaki, a manga artist,
It's impossible, I can't feel like this.

There should be few women who don't like being praised

It's difficult to say something like this Italian friend, which is a bit unsuitable for a Japanese person like me, and I'm too embarrassed to say it, so I'll give up.
That being said, I don't think there is anyone who doesn't like being praised about themselves, so I think it would be nice to be able to say, "I find you attractive," in a way that the other person will accept it. .

・What do you praise?
・Gap with self-awareness

As for what to praise, it's probably not just about appearance, but for now, let's focus on appearance.
In the case of P-katsu, financial conditions may be more important, but I think that it is more enjoyable to have a closer emotional and psychological distance, and for that reason, I want you to feel good feelings.
However, since the purpose is the purpose, I inevitably choose women with a high visual deviation value.

-I am aware that I look good
・I'm used to being praised for my appearance

There will be a lot of women who say, so I wonder how to communicate.

"You're cute" vs "You're beautiful"

Regarding appearance.I asked two women I meet occasionally.
It seems that each one is different.

XNUMX) Kaname (pseudonym)
・XNUMX years old
・Systematically, she looks like Keiko Kitagawa

XNUMX) Mari (pseudonym)
・2 years old
・ A baby-faced and “cute” idol face

Kaname (pseudonym) changes with age

She has always had a grown-up look, so when she was praised for her appearance, she was often told, "You're pretty."

On the one hand, I am happy, but on the other hand, I sometimes think that I look old for my age. He had mixed feelings, and on the contrary, he was very happy when someone said, "You're cute."
But when I turned XNUMX, I thought, "If I round it off, it's XNUMX."Since she is becoming more and more an adult woman, she seems to be more happy to be told "You are beautiful" after going around the circle.

Various complicated Mari (pseudonym)

I've always been told that I'm cute, so I've rarely been complimented on how pretty I am.Conversely, the man who says, "You're beautiful,"

・I'm sure you're used to being called "cute"
・There must be few people who say "You're beautiful"
・By saying, "You're beautiful," you're giving a positive compliment, saying, "I'm seeing a different side of you than others."

I don't like the man's speculation and shallowness (it's complicated).
It seems that he is not very happy when he is told that his style is good.I think she has a body that people envy, but she doesn't want to be touched because her boobs are complex.I'm sure she has her own range of what the word "style" can capture.

"I'm the type"

Kaname (pseudonym) and Mari (pseudonym) also in common

・I'm happy if I'm very handsome
・Otherwise, I wouldn't be happy if someone I didn't know very well told me.
・It's nice to be told by a man who is somewhat close and has become close psychologically

I guess it depends on the person, but this seems to be possible if you are a strong person with a high visual deviation value, but it may be quite difficult. Even more so if you are a P-life.

Since there are so many variations, there are probably many other people who perceive it in various ways, so this is just a story about two people, but even so, not only does it differ depending on the individual, but it also depends on the timing, such as age. I don't think so.
Ryoji Kaji's lines from Neon Genesis Evangelion

She is written as a woman far away.
Women are the other side, for us.
Between men and women there is a river wider and deeper than the sea.

As soon as I thought again that it's really true.
I want to be able to understand the subtleties of women's minds and communicate with them as if by tapping into their secret holes.

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