Fuu no Papa Katsu☆GOLD no Real Episode 12 Fuu's Papa Activities Sekirara Confession About ED drugs


It's Fuu

Fuu looks like a normal middle-aged man.
I've never been popular, and I've lived as a love weakling.

A cute young girl I thought I couldn't reach out to when I saw her on the street, and she really makes me feel good about her, so I praise Universe for her basic stance.
But I'm not a passer-by, so I'll also write down the akan part.

In the case of Fuu, the main battlefield is GOLD class
I am using C type.

ED drug usability introduction

About five years ago, Fuu's ability to stand up became weaker, and when it came to H, it became more and more difficult to enter.
Even though my feelings are erotic and my head is full, a part of my body does not stiffen.
I was so sad and a little depressed.

A girl is waiting for me wet
"I drank too much last night and it looks like I'm not good enough. I'm sorry."

Fuu apologizes.

You're not attractive to me, the silent atmosphere and pressure

When the next challenge comes, extra pressure is applied
2 If you can't do it in a row, there's usually no next time
It feels like a farewell.


At first, supplements and soft-shelled turtle extracts
I've tried natural viper drinks, but none worked for me.

Encounter with ED drug

① Viagra

When I went drinking with a friend, I was introduced to Viagra and got one tablet to try.
I drank before the act as instructed.
I feel like I'm in my twenties, so tight that I can't believe it's my body.
The effect is amazing.

In my case, Viagra is too much, and the feeling is a little subtle.

Also, Viagra has strong side effects in my case.
bloodshot eyes
Feeling tired after the medicine wears off

I felt like I couldn't revive without taking a nap after taking Loxonin.

Viagra is available cheaply because there are generics, but
It must be taken on an empty stomach as it is affected by alcohol.

Fuu enjoys eating and drinking.

30 minutes to 1 hour after taking until the effect appears
The duration of effect is 3-6 hours.

② Cialis

I found out that Viagra works as an ED medicine, but I've lost my taste and will try one after another to find the medicine that suits me.

Next I tried a drug called Cialis.In Europe and the United States, it is called the weekend pill.

The biggest feature is the effect of 30 to 36 hours
It is said that it is a mildly effective medicine for weekends and weekends.
It is said that it is difficult to be affected by food.

Cialis doesn't work very well for me. It seems to be a popular drug.

No need to worry about when to drink.
It may be working, but to be honest, I didn't realize it.

1 to 2 hours after taking it until it takes effect
The effect lasts for 30-36 hours.

③ Levitra

Cialis didn't work for me
Together with ① and ②, it is a challenge to Retvira, one of the three major ED drugs.

The feature is that it is fast-acting and effective in 15 minutes after drinking.

In my case, the effect is slightly less than Viagra.
Side effects are about the same as Viagra plus "hot flashes".
The side effects were strong and did not suit Fuu.
It is also affected by diet.

15 to 30 minutes after taking it until it takes effect
Effectiveness lasts 5-8 hours


It is said to be an improved version of Retvira.
Recently, the supply of Retvira is unstable due to pharmaceutical companies, and it is sometimes recommended as an alternative.

The feature is super fast-acting that takes effect in 15 minutes.
It doesn't seem to be affected by food.

It didn't work for me.
I was okay in the first round, but I gave up in the second round.

15 minutes after taking it until it takes effect
Effectiveness lasts 5-6 hours


It's my life.Thanks to this medicine, I am able to live a fulfilling life as a dad.Thank you.

It's not as hard as Viagra, but it's more effective than the above drugs, and it's moderately hard, so it feels good.

Viagra feels too hard like a robot over there, but Udena is just right.

side effects are mild headaches
It's a headache that subsides in 2 to 3 o'clock, not enough to take Loxonin.

30 minutes to 1 hour after taking until the effect appears
Effectiveness lasts 12-24 hours
The effect is mild, but moderately hard.

Papa Katsu double booking makes it possible for the second round at noon and the second round at night.

It is also less affected by food.
Alcohol is not recommended, but I have the impression that Udena does not lose its effectiveness with about 2 glasses of beer.

Having said that, I feel that it is effective when the medicinal ingredients spread in the blood on an empty stomach.
I take it on an empty stomach one hour before my scheduled meal so that the ingredients can be fully distributed throughout my body.

That was the introduction.
Since it is a medicine, I think that there are individual differences, and it does not suit me, so please refer to it.

It was Fuu.

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