Date Memoir #32 The tragedy of the dinner party 1st time

Hello paparazzi.I am having a dinner party with Tatsuo at an amazing pace.It seems he's completely hooked after his last success.However, a tragedy amidst such excitement. . .Do you mean to say that there are many good things?

the opponent this time

SPEC of the other party (my side)

  • Name: Shoko (pseudonym)
  • Class: Platinum
  • Dating type: C (D when offered)
  • Occupation: Office worker
  • Age: Early 20s

first impression

  • Appearance: Almost as pictured.As she recently registered, her figure is exactly the same as the image in the photo.
  • Personality: Talking power is quite high and personality is also bright.She also has the kindness to care for Tatsuo.Fairly high likability

SPEC of the other party (other side)

  • Name: Momoko (pseudonym)
  • Class: Platinum
  • Dating type: D
  • Occupation: Freelance
  • Age: Late 10s

first impression

  • Appearance: Although she looks a little worse than the photo, she is classified as a beautiful woman in the world because of Platinum.A little skin even though you're young?I have the impression that it is, but is it a skin problem due to youth?
  • Personality: Probably quite shy.

(Partner's SPEC)

  • Name: Tatsuo (pseudonym)
  • Occupation: Company manager
  • Age: Late 40s
  • Nationality: Somewhere in Asia (not Japan)
  • Wealth: quite high

History of dating

 Tatsuo is literally in high spirits after succeeding last time.However, there are only a limited number of women who can speak Tatsuo's native language, and no matter how many times I look at the club's website, I can't find a SPEC girl like Fujiko from the last time.So I proposed to Tatsuo

"Would you like to go with a serious Japanese woman?"

 In other words, the proposal is to target ordinary Japanese women who cannot speak Tatsuo's native language at all.Unexpectedly, the only way left for Tatsuo, who places importance on appearance, is to study Japanese on his own.Tatsuo made up her mind.She said she will improve her Japanese by the next dinner party.This is surprisingly important from the perspective of language learning, and it is very important for her to set her goals and deadlines and work towards them, not only for language learning.At her current level, she can only use ``Sugoidesune'', ``Oishine'', ``Kawaiiine'', and ``Arigatou Gozaimasu'', but in the hopes that it will be an opportunity for her to make a leap in the future, she chooses a Japanese woman. To.Perhaps because of the previous success, his request this time is C type or D type.He decided to make an offer to a D-type girl, saying that he wanted to do something on the day.The match is in a few weeks.I want you to do your best.

 As for me, there was an interesting woman who seemed to have recently registered.She has a cute appearance and is a D type.I couldn't believe my eyes that she had such a good offer, but since she was supposed to be proactive, I decided to make an offer because I really wanted to meet her.She communicated with the club several times, but was able to arrange the schedule relatively smoothly.So far so good.But is there such a good story?That fear will come to fruition in the end.

 As a bad feeling, she changed from D type to C type when setting was decided.The premise is a little different, but I have the right to invite you on the day.She won't be much different, she speculated.

 Next, when choosing a restaurant, I decided to go to the Shibuya/Aoyama area, so I chose yakiniku.I'm worried about the smell, but I want to eat good meat.I chose a restaurant just because I wanted to

what was the date

 On that day, the weather was rainy.This time Tatsuo arrived without delay as the store was near my house.After congratulating on the previous success, we enter today's strategy meeting.Even in the strategy meeting, the other party was already decided.Just do your best in it.After confirming that, I decided to wait for the women.The phone rang when the appointed time was approaching.I don't know the number.Which one?

"Hello" and answer the phone.


dark.too dark.What a tone of voice.The caller was Moko.It's dark anyway, whether it's shy.It's a selfish prejudice, but D-type women have an image of being open-minded, so I betrayed her expectations in a bad way.Is this tension okay?In spite of my worries, Tatsuo is delighted and says, "Here we are!"I can't speak the language very well, so it's okay.I didn't return to the covered basin.I can't help it now.For the time being, I decided to let Moko through the seat and have Tatsuo and the place warm up.The drink is "Coke" because I'm underage.

 After a while, the phone rang again.I don't know the number again.This must be proof.When I answered the phone, it was still a proof.In contrast, the tone of the voice is high and bright.You can get a glimpse of the high level of sociability even from the phone.I was pretty relieved by this.If the two of us were in that dark mood, there was nothing I could do about it.At least I can do this by myself.I felt so.

 When the dinner party started, I was able to have a good time with Shouko.There were many common topics such as hobbies and golf.As for the two people over there...I can't deny the feeling that it's not good, but it seems that I'm doing something.Shoko is a really caring woman, and I was impressed with her attitude of trying to understand Tatsuo's clumsy Japanese.Moko was also surprised at how dark it was at first, but as she continued to talk, she got the impression that she was friendly and began to participate in the conversation.She entered the stage of deciding when to close the dinner party while she was showing excitement.All I could think about was the night I spent with Shizuko.This was bad. . .And the rain outside was getting stronger.

 In that case, the poor movement of the store side will be conspicuous. Since it started at 19:20, dessert didn't come out easily even though I said that I would be home by XNUMX:XNUMX.Even if I call a taxi, the car does not come.and other adverse conditions.I had no subjective symptoms, but I was probably starting to get irritated.I didn't realize that the dinner party, which had been going well, was going dark around here.

By the end of the meal

There were a lot of things, but the dinner party ended safely and happily.I put the other two people in a taxi and sent them off.The "mission" is now complete.I can finally concentrate on the proof.We also get in the car.Consultation in the car.

 “Do you have time after this?”

 "No problem"

 It might be more correct to say that she lightly gave a fist pump in her heart, or that she wasn't thinking about failing because she was a former D-type.She even reserved an inn just for this.She tells the car to go to the hotel.When she arrived in front of the hotel, she received an unexpected word from her. . .

 "Huh? Isn't it a bar or something?"

 I don't think so.In this activity, if you say after the meal, the only choice is the room!

 "Let's drink again in the room, it's raining so hard it's hard to find a store."


 I presume that this is a farce mode where the woman wants to confirm that she is not an easy woman, but refuses once. . .

 "I still can't go to my room"


 · · · · ·


 What a development!But don't panic here.I tell myself that there is a further pursuit

 "Actually, it's early tomorrow, so I can only stay for about an hour."

 Wasn't the date reserved for 4 hours?Some assumptions are broken.Still, I was fascinated by Shoshi.Even if it wasn't for today's success, I thought that I would still be able to go out with him in the future.So I looked for a shop without questioning that area, but since I didn't think about failure patterns, I couldn't come up with a good idea at all.And it's raining, so all the shops are full.And then, a word that could be called a fatal wound flew out of Shoushi's mouth.

 "Actually, I just wanted to experience what this activity is like, so I decided to limit it to one month and started it. It's almost a month, so I'm withdrawing."

At that time,

 "So, I don't meet new people anymore, so Mr. Paparazzi, please meet me."

He said.However, there is no doubt that various assumptions have crumbled.In the end, I couldn't find a store, so I returned the certificate as it was.It was too unexpected to say anything, and I was left alone in the room, and there was nothing I could do but fuel the drunkenness.

Later talk

 Apparently Tatsuo didn't succeed.Rather, it seems that Moko was too young and pulled back.Matching is really difficult because everyone has different tastes.

 And this side ended up in the worst possible way.Normally, I would get a line saying "thank you for today", but even that didn't come, and this day was the last time I heard from him.It was the fastest relationship collapse in my activity history.

Reflection of this time

  • It is necessary to think of a backup plan after failing to bring it into the room
  • If you force it around, you'll get hurt
  • It is also dangerous to easily bite into the D type

This store

Recommended for its high-class atmosphere, such as the layout of the store.There is no smoke in the store, so you don't have to worry about it sticking to your clothes.The taste is impeccably delicious.However, the behavior of the store clerk is not good enough.The course didn't finish on time, and the taxi was late.It's hard to ask for ad-libs, so it's a recommended store to use after building a relationship.

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