When a man decides to break up (XNUMX) ~Importance of response~

Status report

Hello, I'm an adventurer.

It's already been a year since I learned about the dating club.There was a lot of learning.I had a wonderful encounter.

Currently, I am dating 3 wonderful women who have reached a monthly contract.
(* Each of them has 3 to 4 dates each month, and each month's allowance is about 6 times of the so-called dating market.)

Let's call them A, B, and C in the order in which they met.

Mr. A is a hairdresser, Mr. B is a former entertainer who now works in apparel, and Mr. C is a consultant for a foreign-affiliated consulting company (some occupations have changed to avoid identification). is).

I have decided to say goodbye to two of these lovely ladies.

It hurts my heart to start breaking up from me.

I'm sure if it was a normal love affair, I'd be able to go out with you like this...

However, this is a battlefield called a dating club.

Men and women are constantly being tested.

That is the rule of the dating club.

I hope that this column will be of some help to men and women who bravely fight on the battlefield.

Well, it was Mr. A (hairdresser) and Mr. C (international consultant) who decided to say goodbye.

The most important "response"

This time, I would like to write about parting with Mr. C.

Ms. C works internationally, so she often goes on business trips abroad.

Therefore the response is rather slow.

On average, I send a message and get back to you about 5 days later.

However, it can't be helped because of work.

I don't have the mindset of "Send an e-mail or line and return it within 2 hours at the latest within 24 hours".

I think it's common for men to send a message and get sick because there was no response for about a day, or say "Hey" or "Are you alive?" I think it's better to stop doing things like throwing new questions in a row, because that kind of thing just makes women hate it.

Needless to say again, response is very important, and if you don't have the same sense of values ​​for this, your relationship won't last long.

By the way, everyone.Have you ever thought that there are different types of responses?

There are types of responses

This is just my own classification, but I understand it by dividing it into three.

(XNUMX) Everyday responses to normal (everyday) messages
(XNUMX) Clerical responses related to dates such as scheduling
(XNUMX) Special response in special cases    


(XNUMX) is just everyday life

These are responses to messages such as "How was today's meeting?", "I went to the store you told me about the other day (*^^*)", and "It looks like it's going to be hot again today~".

 This is not a scene to be particularly aware of, so especially women should respond at a stress-free time for themselves.

I would like to ask all men to make adjustments so that they are in line with women's sense of values ​​as much as possible.

About (XNUMX).

Both men and women are required to do this as soon as possible.

I don't think it's okay for daily responses to be made three days later, but both men and women should try to be "early" rather than their usual sense when it comes to administrative responses such as scheduling.

Even if you don't know your schedule right now, I think you should make a comment that the other person can understand, such as "I will have a shift on the day, so I will reply at that time."

``I can't make plans'' or ``I can't decide the date to meet next'' can be plain stressful, so I would like both men and women to be careful.

(XNUMX) But.

For example, "I got a little extra allowance", "I got a present on a special day", "I was quite late but was forgiven with a smile", such "special things" If there is, let's send a "feeling message" to the other party as soon as possible.

In summary

●In general, men are more popular when they are conscious of matching women's speed of response.

● For women, daily responses should be made as quickly as possible so that they do not become stressful, but for office work responses and special responses, it is better for women to send messages early instead of using their usual standards. Seem.
In particular, if you neglect the special response, it may lead to a catastrophe. . .

about it.

and decided to say goodbye

Let's go back to the conversation between me and Mr. C.

I can't decide on a date to meet Mr. C.

"On the 25th of every month, the next month's shift comes out."

That's what I was told, but I usually get contacted after the beginning of the next month, and the date to meet is decided.

I was feeling stressed by the poor office response.

And this time, something like this happened.

In fact, Mr. C purchased a slightly expensive item by paying with a credit card.

At that time, I thought I had set up payment in installments, but due to Mr. C's misunderstanding, it was a lump sum payment, and a few days after we met on the date, the amount would be debited.

So, I gave the monthly allowance in advance and gave it a little more.

Of course, I was very grateful, and I was able to say thank you very much.

After 10 days, no message.

"Would you like to decide the schedule for next month?"

And even if I send it around the 26th, there is no response.

3 more days later

"Recently, I went to ●●'s shop and it was delicious. Let's go together next time."

No contact even if I send it like that.

The month has already entered the next month

"I'd like to hear from you soon. I'll be waiting."

and finally

"I'm sorry I'm late, the rest is omitted"

There was a response.

There was also a candidate for the date that we could meet that month, and the message was full of thoughts that I would like to continue dating.

But, it's too late.

The monthly payment is never cheap.

Is it possible to send a message saying, "Thank you for giving me a lot of money in advance, even though I said I couldn't do it today."

Even without that, wouldn't it be possible to send a message on the day the payment was made, saying, "I was able to make a successful card payment today. Thank you very much for your help." ?

Even if that is not the case, is it possible to at least smoothly decide the day to meet in the next month? ? ?

When I met her, she was fun to talk to, had good physical compatibility with her, and seemed like a woman I could marry.

Come to think of it, even if we meet four times a month, we don't see each other for the remaining 4 days. , it will be difficult to continue.

If it is completely divisible, there is no need for daily conversations, so it would be fine to say, "We will meet on a date, then XX and disperse. That's it." If so, you should never neglect your daily interactions.

I'm sure that even if I meet Mr. C next time, I will be very happy and happy when I see him. . . 

But goodbye.


I gave you the advance delivery as a thank you so far.

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