Promise with Awahime

■ Synopsis up to the last time

Meet a woman who is a hostess!Even though he was in his previous job, he has a personality that is completely unbelievable for his job!Besides, it's fun to spend time together!I can't say how wonderful it is that the two of them are always smiling when they talk.

But I saw CLS... hmm? ?This girl is amazing!It was a good meeting while thinking about it.


[Summary so far]

・19-year-old vocational school students who cannot pay tuition fees ←Completed

・ Housewives in their 20s who want a sex friend ← Mine certified!

・ Nurses in their 20s who want a friend who is confident in technique ← Mine certified!

・ 35-year-old hostess who seems to be a hard guard ← completed


As a result, the 19-year-old vocational school student and the 35-year-old hostesses were left, and in the end, it was found that there was a 50% chance of stepping on a landmine.

I'm still not sure if this establishment should be NG or OK. . .


■Let's go back in time. . . (←Is it a dead word?.. wry smile)

Originally, this activity of mine, should I do P activity with my favorite Awahime?How much does it cost to start with?How much is the market price?This is what I did to solve the question.

So, although it's a 50% win or loss, I'm starting to get a sense of the market, so including this report, I went to see Awahime for the first time in a while!


Investigation report to Awahime

Only tea is A ten thousand yen.Meals are from B to C XNUMX yen.I reported that the market price for adult relationships is about E million yen.As I learned at this time, it is actually this bubble princess.She seems to have done something like P activity on Instagram before entering this industry.At that time, it seems that she received AXNUMX yen in two hours.However, it is OK until you enter the hotel!However, it seems that the condition was NG for the actual performance. .

yeah? ?However, isn't this too expensive? ?Rather, isn't it impossible for Awahime to earn A million yen in two hours? ?


Me: "I just took off my clothes in two hours? So that's the amount?"

Awahime: "I'm doing this kind of work right now, but I promised that uncle that I wouldn't be able to do it in real life! When I entered the hotel, I got it!"

Me: "Isn't that too expensive? I can't afford that amount!"

Awahime: "Yeah, I think it's expensive too. Lol."


While thinking that there was such a past as a rough income, I decided to think about the future.


Me: "So, what should I do? P live?"

Awahime: "For now, let's exchange LINEs."


I can't believe I can exchange line! ?I wonder if I can really meet outside the store even though I'm a little soaring?I left the shop today while being half in doubt.


■ Communication on LINE

Like hostesses, I wonder if sales will come on LINE.Even though I was worried about it, the strategy of inviting me to a date outside the store began!We started communicating on LINE several times, but we can't expect a reply from LINE with Awahime in the first place.When it comes to the end of working hours, there are many cases where there is no reply during the day, and unread continues.At the beginning, I was patient with LINE, thinking that it couldn't be helped, but I was able to communicate at a relatively good tempo by communicating while checking the attendance on the store's website.


Me: "Next time, when you have time, why don't you have lunch?"

Awahime: "Let's check the schedule!"


Oh!Isn't it really possible to have a date outside the store? ?

By the way, where does this girl live?Is it okay to have lunch in the city?I'm thinking. . .


Awahime: "It looks like it will be fine next Saturday. I have plans with my friends that night, so can I wait until then?"

Me: "So what time should we meet up? It's lunch, so around 11:XNUMX is fine. We're thinking of a place around Ginza, but is that okay?"

Awahime: "Around 11:XNUMX is fine! Ginza is easy to get to, so it's OK!"

Me: "Then, when we get closer, I'll let you know the detailed meeting place!"


So, the first out-of-store date seems to come true!

But here's the big problem! ?

Where is lunch from 11 o'clock in Ginza? ?

I don't want to spend too much money.But Awahime's sense of money is a bit different. .

I searched for various sites with private rooms, places with good views, fashionable places, etc., but it didn't go well because they were fully booked. .Sweat


I've run out of things I'm looking for, so let's ask the credit card company's concierge!So I decided to leave it to you.

Then, after successfully making a reservation at a certain hotel restaurant near Tokyo Station, I decided to wait for the day.Throb.


■Reconfirmation of date outside the store!

As the promised date was getting closer, I tried LINE to decide the specific meeting place.


Me: "It's a meeting on Saturday, but do you know where in Ginza?"

Awahime: "I know where Ginza is, but I don't know where, so can you decide?"

Me: "Then, could you please come to 〇〇 Station's ground exit No. 〇? I'll send you a picture just in case!"


So, I took a screenshot of the meeting area from GoogleMap and sent it to Awahime.lucky! !


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