People who work as dads at language schools (Mexico edition)

Those who have been to overseas language schools experience it with their body and mind that it is a chaotic battlefield of love. You've heard rumors.This is not a story limited to the generation with a high love deviation in their 20s.Even middle-aged and older people, whose standard deviation decreases with age, are entering the battle wearing the clogs of financial power and social status.In this column, I will introduce Americans and Arabs I met and share information about their fatherhood.

《Language school is a natural meeting place》

Language schools that are popular, i.e., always attracting students from all over the world, have good locations.The typical pattern is "old town in a historical city" and "resorts such as sea and mountains", because customers will not gather unless it is a place where they will not get bored even if they stay for four weeks.This kind of locality is also a tourist spot, and there are usually many middle-aged and elderly people who go to language schools for long-term vacations.The school divides students into classes according to their language ability, so various age groups gather together and form a natural meeting place.
The tension of living abroad and the sense of openness of a tourist spot are mixed, and the spice of freshman entrance is sprinkled on it. It creates a situation where you can be
And language school repeaters who are looking for a daddy call out to women before their tension has cooled down.

"Texas of San Miguel de Allende"

The first is an American from Texas.He is probably in his 40s, has a reddish tanned face typical of Caucasians, is about 180cm tall, has a well-maintained figure, and the atmosphere that exudes from his whole body is truly Texas.The location is San Miguel de Allende, Mexico's proud tourist destination, which was selected as the "World's Best City" in 2021 by the global travel site Travel + Leisure.Texas and I were classmates at the historic Spanish language school Academia Hispano Americana, which opened in 1959.
On the day of the course, almost everyone had a face like, "I'm new here," but it was Texas who was calm and knowing what they were talking about.Then came the next development.

〇 Inviting the whole class to a party because they are renting a house for vacation
〇 Liven up the place with an exquisite strawberry margarita (accepted)
〇 Tell the woman who is lodging that you can use the vacant room (transfer)
〇 Accompanied school attendance begins (conclusion)

The approach of starting an adult relationship with high-quality housing and meals is exactly the royal road of dad life.

《Texas-style Papa Activity Beginning, Turning, and Conclusion》

At that time, I was not a daddy active player, and I thought that I was good at using money and stylish.Looking back now that I've become a member of the universe, I'm impressed again that it's a wonderful daddy activity that is tailored to the story based on the beginning, development, and conclusion.
The “start” part, inviting women unfamiliar with new situations, is the same as the universe where offers are gathered for new women, and is a common pattern in papa katsu. Giving a good impression to women in the “acceptance” part, that is, in the field of specialty, is also the basis of dad activities.At the Texas party, the tomato and onion salsa avocado dip was also pretty good.Of course it was a Mexican helper who made it according to the recipe.
A characteristic point is the residence of "Ten".As I wrote at the beginning, many popular language schools are located in tourist areas, and popular tourist areas have high hotel charges.So young and cramped students either commute by public transport from a remote hotel on the outskirts of the city, or stay in a homestay close to the center of town but environmentally sensitive.The house Texas rented, on the other hand, was ideally located and spacious, just up the Academia on Allende's old but clean cobblestone streets.I didn't hear it from the person himself, but I definitely borrow it with the awareness of my father's activities at the language school.
I don't know how I proceeded with the "knot".She just assumes she didn't have too much trouble because she's the woman who chose to move into the same house.

《Cost of Language School Daddy Activity》

A resort house that blends in with the World Heritage townscape that Texas used as a weapon for dad activities.For a language school that can't offer direct benefits (and probably get kicked out), it's been very useful.Somehow I tried to calculate the cost of living as a dad.The cost of living in Allende is higher than when I stayed, so I'm looking up information for 2022 and posting it.
The tuition fee for academia is 10 yen for the first month, including the registration fee. It has a high name value of "the best city in the world" and has a history as a language school, so it has a premium.A 3-bedroom with a patio within walking distance from the academia is 81 yen a month, and the total cost is about 100 million yen when you add the cost of the house maid.This is the basic cost of a language school dad life in "the best city in the world".
In addition, the essential expenses are party expenses and shopping expenses that cannot be escaped.At global tourist destinations, people who can afford it loosen their purse strings, so artists like summer bugs who are attracted to moth-attracting lights flock, and dubious works with unsubstantiated price tags are aimed at women. It's set up here and there like a booby trap.

《Which one do you choose? 》

If you include everything from living expenses before and after dad life, airfare from Japan, and "after" after language school, it will be about 3 to 350 million yen in three months.When you think about the cost of living attracting young women in world-class tourist destinations, that's about it.Queen Elizabeth's round-the-world fare is about 450 yen, so it's similar in terms of time and cost.In general, it seems that there are many people who choose Queen Elizabeth, which is safe and sure of fun and comfort, but which one do active dads choose?

This is the end of "Language School Papa Live Mexico Edition".Next, I will introduce the French version.

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