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We arrived at the batting center in Shinjuku, but along the way, we stopped at Shinjuku Station because we wanted to see the night view of Shinjuku.


From there, instead of going straight to the entrance of Kabukicho, I went through Shinjuku 3-chome, passed Isetan, passed Hanazono Shrine, and passed by Yoshimoto Kogyo.


I explained each one, and at the end, I showed them around the Golden Gai.

Saki seemed to be having a lot of fun taking pictures of each one and uploading them to Instagram.

It was a very enjoyable time as a P at night to be able to guide people who came out of the countryside to Tokyo.


Yoru P "Is Saki on Instagram?"


Saki "Yeah! If you like, please follow me~^^ My account is..."


Night P "Thank you! I'll follow you."


When I followed it, a lot of the actions of the day were posted on the story.

Darts about an hour ago is so much fun!A comment has been posted, and I am relieved.


Although it was a short distance, I walked through Kabukicho's hosts, cabaret clubs, and love hotels to the batting center.


Saki has experienced a night bar, so he didn't seem to be particularly concerned about love hotels.


Usually, when walking in Kabukicho, the amount of catches is amazing.

It was impressive that the catch didn't come just because Saki was on the side.


When you reach the batting center, Saki's eyes shine


Saki "Hey, how many kilometers? 130 kilometers???"


Yes, I have asked.Of course, you can't beat that.


P at night "Let's keep it around 90kg~lol"


Saki: "Okay. Can I hit first?"


I was like a child.


Saki borrows a bat and goes to bat.


Saki: "Is this it?"


There is no perfect way to hold and set up.

Yoru no P: "That's right! Look, they're coming! Look ahead. Ah, how much do you want to win again?"


Saki: "Yes!"


Yoruno-P: Then, it's time for another kiss match!


Saki: “How much do you want to kiss me?


Saki seemed to have good motor nerves. Did you hit 20 of the 10 balls?


Saki: “Ah.


Yoru no P: “There are times when that happens! It’s my turn next.”


I had little experience playing baseball, but I was confident in my dynamic vision.


20 balls out of 18?I had a feeling it was probably about that.

When I look behind me, Saki is not there.


P at night


I thought so for a moment in my mind, but I was just buying water from a vending machine.


Night P "I thought you ran away lol. You didn't see it. Go buy some water. Are you feeling sick??"


Saki: "I didn't see it lol. So there's no winning or losing!"


I realize that this is definitely a loss.

But there's an adult at night, so I don't say anything in particular.


Saki: "It's already a good time."


Indeed, it was so much fun that I forgot the time. It's already past midnight, so it's time for the last train to arrive.


Evening P: "Yeah. There's no last train left, so let's go home."


Saki nodded and seemed to be drinking a little of the water she bought earlier.


After that, catch a taxi in Kabukicho and give P's home address for the night.

I didn't talk about whether Saki would return or not.


Saki followed Yoru P as if she had realized something.

I just got into the taxi, but could I have a little water first?I asked.


Saki gave me a plastic bottle filled with water.


Saki: “Yes.”


In the taxi, Saki gave me the water and gave me a kiss.

I just drank water.

Saki's lips were very moist with the water.

At night, P puts his hand around Saki's waist and doesn't talk about the kissed face.


It was a wonderful kiss.


It wasn't that far from my house, so we held hands and entered P's apartment together at night.


Although Saki was a little drunk, she was very dignified.

He kissed me hard as soon as he entered my room.


Deep kiss at the entrance and grope Saki's body.

After all, the word “Tawawa” suits her very big breasts.


Yoru no P "I thought the style was good, but it's really big."


Saki: "Well... don't say that too much... it's embarrassing..."

Even though I was still wearing my shoes, the switch was turned on.

I took off my T-shirt and took off my bra.

It was the largest black bra I've ever seen.


The nipple is also very beautiful, and anyway, it sucks desperately.

If it's not that much, you can't compete with that monster.


I want to wait and go to bed.


I said yes and took him to a separate room.


When I entered separately, I was only in my pants, and I also took off my underwear.

How many minutes did you do foreplay?


Her plump breasts are also wonderful, but the tight waist and soft hips were very impressive.


ーー“What is Papa-katsu?”

"Dad life is mountain climbing"


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