My Tips for Seducing Young Women Vol.2


Ladies and gentlemen, are you having a good time with a woman who works as a daddy?


Every time I meet a woman, I feel that youth.

I really feel it even more now that I'm this old.I feel.

Now, can we say that this time is a continuation of the previous one?

I would like to tell you about the next step-up Chapter XNUMX.

A woman who works as a daddy is introduced by a dating club, and the contract is established first.

Of course, it doesn't end there.

This is where the main battle begins.

What kind of contracts do men who are dads exchange with women?


For me, the basic main thing is the price of the allowance or the number of times I can match. (Of course, they may also ask if they can take a long vacation.)

Naturally, do you have SEX at the first point?Some women even ask.

However, when it comes to sexual relationships, I basically don't get too deep into it, and I always try to only say things like, "I hope it happens naturally."

It seems that some women are testing men there. (Actually, the woman said that.)

Besides, if you talk about sex from the beginning, women will basically dislike it, and it is expected that there will be cases where they will demand unreasonable demands from you.

For example, is it okay if I buy you an apartment?Even though we rarely see each other, it is exactly the story of sex that leads to the act of demanding an outrageous amount of money and making this side sweet.

The act of a man of a certain age actively talking about sex with a young woman is fundamentally risky for us.

That said, almost all men who are dads would like to seduce a young woman they like in a good environment.

It's also somewhat speedy.

Unlike women, men can't wait that long. (Like a romantic drama, it's basically something that doesn't work.)

How to make a good flow with a woman after contract?

Anyway, it is necessary to show firmly that there is no ulterior motive.

In the first place, when you become a dad, the other woman will find out that you have an ulterior motive.

However, do you want to expand the ulterior motives from the male side?Do you want to make a bad impression on women?That's what I'm talking about.

From here, I will tell you based on my actual experience.

It is important for women to bring up sexual topics as much as possible.

A woman who works as a dad is on the spot because she wants basic money. (Don't get confused about the understanding here.)

No matter how much young women praise you, please recognize that they are basically praising for money.

On top of that, what I usually say to women is the words, "Everything will go with your flow."

I basically chant this to every woman.

That's why we basically use this word whether it's the first conversation with a woman, the terms of a contract, or even when talking about sex.

What do you say?

In the first place, I think that a woman who works as a dad is made up of mutual contracts.

So basically nothing more and nothing less.

If this is to keep the contract firmly, there is no need to do anything more than that.

If a contract with a woman doesn't include "sexual relations", then it can't be helped.

From a man's point of view, I think most people think, "Isn't it possible to have a sexual relationship?"

That understanding is very sweet.

What I want to say is different.

The female side will try this well.

So, we are also trying it out.

So to speak, from the female side, if the male doesn't feel satisfied, the contract can be terminated.

No matter how many women say they will match you, you don't do anything for a month or two and get an allowance.

There is no such delicious business.

Then the woman will definitely start to want it.

How can I earn more money?However, if the first contract is shallow and only dating, you will start to understand that the allowance you will receive is a small amount, and you will start collecting information from the female friends around you.

What happens then?


That's right.

From the female side, they begin to request a "review of the contract."

I want to connect with my dad in a so-called sexual relationship.

It's an opportunity for men, isn't it?However, the male side is still not allowed to move here.

It is important to tease lightly once.

yes?I will match you.But the terms of the contract will change, and I'm okay with that kind of relationship even after I fall in love with you, right?I'm not in a hurry.In other words, it doubles the effect.

From the female side, a word of big game.

But I recognize that I was successfully rolled by an adult man.

Then, naturally, the woman's wariness melts away naturally, and she begins to have a good heart towards us. (Most of the women I've seen have this kind of pattern.)

Maybe all men are too greedy and can't afford it.

Young women do not perceive themselves as being ridiculed when they find themselves being dumped by an adult man, but most of the women seem to perceive that they are "grown up and nice". hey. (That's why there are a lot of women who like older people.)

What happens in less than a month after rolling with the above feeling to some extent?

In my case, there were many patterns in which women started appealing for sex without work.

Therefore, I think it would be good to raise your allowance for the first time and listen to what the other person wants. (This is a contract change.)

At this point, most women don't realize it themselves, but there are many patterns of serious mode for men who are dads.

Therefore, there is a possibility that a convenient contract can be concluded here.

First of all, if the contract is made and the mistress contract is addicted to the shape, the woman will never fall in love with me.

I'm just in love with money.

However, if you naturally create a certain amount of love flow and expand the content of the contract, the woman will naturally like you.

After all, the act of naturally liking can't win with money in female relationships.

It's hard to buy people's true feelings with money.

Once a woman becomes obsessed with a man, no matter how much daddy activity she does, she will do everything she can to forget about it, and she will satisfy us in many ways.

Please try it once.

Women who work as dads don't have the basic leeway, so if you show your mental leeway, I think they'll be very attached to you. (story from my experience)

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