Short life, fall in love Ojisan Episode 2


Life is short, fall in love old man

It's been a year since my last post.

Since time has passed, please read the first episode as well.

If you thought you wouldn't hear from that girl after that,
All of a sudden I got a call
And after about two months
I got a call saying that I want to meet you
I don't know if I'm out of money or lonely

You said you couldn't contact me because your cell phone was broken.
No matter how long it takes to break
But I'm glad you contacted me.

of course we'll meet

Because I have to check myself
Before we met, I asked him if he was ready for an adult relationship.
It's not a nice answer, but it doesn't mean that it will never happen.
However, it seems that the next appointment date coincides with the woman's poor physical condition.
But I feel like I'm desperate to eat together
I will pay for transportation, even if it is only for meals.

I met that girl I thought was cut off again
Then, it was a child who was completely different from the impression I had at first
Impressions of people change
I don't know which one is the real girlfriend
Her impression may have been that she was nervous
I don't know if it's acting or not, but I became a city girl
The sense of clothes is also completely different
At that time, I was thrilled and said I was a chicken
It was like a different person
It's not that the tension is high, but it's calm
I can talk normally,
Wow, I feel like this one is a better kid
I also like this kind of child

Her summers are always sleeveless and her
He wraps his arms around me and walks me through the city

Everyone looks back, but in this day and age, I can walk with my chest held high.
I really feel like I'm a dad
looks good for her

When you walk with your arms entwined, the feeling of touching your arms is the best
This will inflate your lower body
Occasionally, when I stumbled on purpose, the feel of my breasts touched my arm,
I can't forget this feeling
Rather than holding hands, walking with your arms entwined allows us to get closer to each other.
I like it

It's been a long time so we just ate rice and the second date was disbanded

Even though I think I can't grow up
I'm happy for my uncle even if I just get to know him
I really want to be an adult
desires and aspirations grow
I'm sure I can do it next time

I was thinking that I want to go on a date with her
I heard that you want to date again
It's always from her that I want to go on a date

I contacted them saying that I would like to have an adult relationship first.
seems ok
The allowance was also OK
My heart was pounding until that day came
As usual, the days when I can't sleep continue

Let's meet again, arm in arm and walk, look for a hotel, go to a hotel
i am a love hotel

In the room she turned her back and unhooked her sleeveless
With my heart pounding, I thought it was a chance to touch my hair.
Touch the smooth hair, check the hook, and slowly lower it
take off my bra too

Take a bath together
Like a child these days, I'm doing hair removal properly
was almost hairless

After taking a bath, I was in the mode of doing my own thing
She is the gesture to take something out of her bag
What I took out was KY Jelly
Eh, that's what professionals use...

I put it in my important place in front of me and color it.
I thought this kid might be a pro

I will ask later
Because I have little experience, it seems that the inside is painful and painful
Kuri said she felt it, so it was really much better.

I took my time and did my best
Oh, like this, do your best
After that, he said okay, and we connected.
And then she said, oh, we might be compatible
it doesn't hurt
Thanks to lidocaine in KY Jelly...

Then I said I could move, and I did.
But I don't feel comfortable at all either.
because she doesn't react
Oh, even if I do this, it doesn't make me feel good at all
will kiss you
But I'm not excited

I'm getting tired too, and if you take over
It seems that they have never done it, and they do not know what to do
Hand in hand, not stable at all
Immediately, it collapsed with fluttering

Well, maybe the man I've dealt with in the past is responsible.
Anxiety and feeling uneasy
You've been in a lot of relationships, and you probably can't like H.
I want to remove the mental pain and make the body I like H
how much did you think
Take your time around here, wrap yourself in love Saying that grown-up relationships are good
I want to tell you
I want to give you a body that feels
I don't know if she wants it

I gave up on going inside
Then he said he'd give it to me by hand.
Take off the rubber, put lotion on your hands,,,
was a very kind child
For dealing with such an uncle, and for folding his arms
You really have to take care of a child like this.

yes i have profiled this kid
I've been working as a dad for quite some time
It seems that my body has become insensitive to dealing with multiple men I don't like since I was a student.
My body doesn't react, but I'm going to play with my uncle
I was a child like God

After that, we still keep in touch
I will reply when I contact you

Well, there must be other dads, but I'm looking forward to the next date.

Under such circumstances, there is also myself who is trying to find another child.

thank you papa


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