Date record #85 2 days after pinch hit @ Hamamatsucho Kayako 7th time

 Hello. It's paparazzi. Kayako, who I suddenly had to meet last time as a pinch hitter. She saved us from an incomplete burn after a sudden cancellation with fine play that didn't make us feel rushed. Two days later, I had an original appointment with Kayako, so I decided to meet her again. Kayako is my absolute favorite at the moment, but I'm starting to feel like I've seen her too much.

the opponent this time

Your opponent's SPEC

  • Name: Kayako (pseudonym)
  • Class: Platinum → later changed to Gold
  • Relationship type: B (later changed to C)
  • Occupation: Office worker
  • Age: Early 20s

History of dating

 This time it's a date the night before a business trip. It was more like a date, or rather, we were just meeting up after spending the night near Haneda Airport on a business trip. The last time she met Kayako, she was completely rejected, but she was able to forgive him due to her weaknesses and the goodness of people, and she was able to make an appointment for the next time. Then, two days ago, she suddenly asked me to come in as a pinch hitter for her, and the relationship between me and her was beginning to become a situation where anything could happen. However, her debt problems remained deep-rooted, and I didn't think this situation would last long, and somehow I felt that the time to break up was near. However, it is not only her who suddenly breaks up with someone while doing this activity. There is a risk no matter who you are dealing with. Have as much fun as possible while you can. That's the only thing you can do.

 Last time, I had a casual conversation with a friend who told me that we should start a business together, but it seems that the conversation has stopped. I thought that anyone would think that would happen, but it seems like it happened after all. Even so, it will be difficult for her as she has taken a leave of absence from her company, but we will not force her to start a business, and in any case, she will return to work or get a new job, or in any case, she will reintegrate into society. would be wise.

 However, she doesn't have that kind of knowledge. Apparently, she has a friend who has gotten a so-called "fat dad" and lives by having fun instead of working. She probably thinks she can do that too. Or rather, I feel like she's asking me to do that. She probably doesn't know she's as young as she is yet. In the end, even if humans live happily, they are not having fun. Regardless of whether it is necessary or not, you can only live a fulfilling life if you work hard and produce results. I don't find women attractive if they're just cute, dependent on others, and have no real substance. She keeps quiet because it's useless and no one will listen to her if she makes the right argument, but there is no doubt that her charm has diminished since she lost her job.

 However, she seems to be busy with a lot of things, even though she was unemployed and had no free time. Therefore, this time we decided to set the time for lunch and meet directly at the hotel without any meals. Although she was suspicious, she thought that she had started working at night as well.

what was the date

 I took a lot of time to prepare for my business trip and arrived at the last minute around 14pm. We met up near the station and bought some things at a convenience store. Together, we head to the hotel where we are planning to stay tonight. On that road, I came across another hotel that I had stayed at before, but there I heard something unexpected.

 "I've stayed at this hotel before."

 “You came with me, right?”


 It's a blunder. However, by the time I've been on my 85th date, I sometimes can't remember exactly where I went and with whom. There's no point in making excuses to myself. She doesn't seem to care about such things as she's an easy-going person. She wished that, and we went straight to our room.

By the end of the meal

 I don't have any food, and my girlfriend is busy today, so I don't have time. This is a hotel room, and considering our relationship, if we chat for a while, a battle will begin immediately. I just met her the day before yesterday, but this is her favorite part. I never got tired of her and continued to pursue her wholeheartedly. She is her as well. . . . I'd like to say that, but the bite is clearly worse than the day before yesterday. For some reason, there was a smell coming out. Are you tired? Is it stress? However, I felt like they were doing their best even under such circumstances, so I guess that's a good thing. It wasn't as hot as the day before yesterday, but that's my favorite thing right now. I know that she's not particularly good technically, but I guess her face and body really are my type. She was able to get enough excitement and satisfaction even during the middle of the day that she was impressed by herself.

 However, as soon as the lesson was finished, she fell asleep. She must be very tired. I'm not sure if it's because of daily stress or just staying up late last night, but she must have slept for easily an hour despite me being completely naked. Whatever the reason, there's no doubt that you're tired. I left it alone.

 After a while, she woke up quietly. She seemed quite sleepy. She must have been very tired. She looks like she fell asleep during a nap. Then she hurriedly got ready and went home, saying that she had other things to do.

Reflection of this time

  • It has become increasingly divided
  • You can go there even for a whole day
  • A woman's charm isn't just her appearance or youth, but it's quite strong if she likes her appearance.
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