Mori-san in the forest ③

After entering the hotel, time just flowed by.


At night, P hugged Mr. Mori, brought his face closer, and kissed him.It felt soft.

She readily accepted.


While continuing the deep kiss, grope the body.


Mr. Mori: "... Ah"

P at night had already erected.I'm getting more and more excited.

I made her strike a banzai pose and took off her clothes.


P at night "Oh..."

A light blue brassiere became dewy.The embroidered floral pattern adds a touch of elegance.

The cleavage was erotic.I rubbed her breasts over her bra and licked her neck with my tongue.

Stick your tongue straight up and lick it up and down from your ears to the nape of your neck.


"Ah...ah" A sigh escaped from Mori-san's mouth.When I lick her ears persistently,

The reaction was quite good, saying, 'No ... no'.

From her reaction, I could tell she was deaf.


Move your bra and pinch your nipples.She has cute pink nipples.Standing BingI continued to lick my ears while blaming my nipples.


"Ha...hahaha...ahh..." she began to feel in earnest.


Yoru no P "Are you hard of hearing?"


Mr. Mori: " ears are useless..."

Listening to it and licking her ears even harder,

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Mori-san began to feel more.


P's dick at night was already gingin.


The red skirt reveals beautiful thighs.

At night, P caresses her hand.She had beautiful white thighs.

Rubbing her inner thigh made her react even more.

Haan... and let out a sweet sigh.


Sensitive beauty.It was ideal.


She took off her skirt and made Mori-san wear her underwear.

Yoru no P "I like your style. It's really beautiful."


Getting up from the sofa, P made her stand with him at night.

Embarrassed, she poses to hug herself.


Evening P: “Mr. Mori, you really look like a model.

Mori-san: “Yes?”


She also touched P's body at night.Her hand slowly came up to her lower body.


Mr. Mori: "It's big. It's ticking."


Yoru no P "Do you want it?"


Mr. Mori: “What are you talking about?”


She rubbed P's pussy at night.Gently gently go up and down.

Her panties were already wet when I touched them.


Mori-san: "...I want to lick you."

surprised.I didn't know she wanted to lick it herself.


That ticking thing is wrapped in a soft hand.


Mori-san: “Are you feeling well?”


Yoru no P "Yeah..." It's about to explode.

The raised blood vessels look like aliens.


Mori-san, "It's really big."


Mr. Mori: "Fufu. I can feel it."


Where did you learn this technique?

Even though you have a pure face, I thought it was disgusting.That makes the lasciviousness stand out even more.


When I was enjoying Mr. Mori's superb blowjob, I was really excited, so I stopped.

Mr. Mori "Yabai Yabai"


I made Mori-san stand up, put on a rubber band, and with a standing back, I slowly inserted my penis.

When she went all the way in, she writhes, "Ah... hm."


Yoru no P "Do you want me to shake it?"


Mr. Mori: "Yes"


Night P grabbed her waist and started a piston movement.

Start slowly and gradually speed up.


Mr. Mori: “Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh”

My face was already collapsing with goodness.


Yoru no P: Can I speed up more?


Mr. Mori: “Please poke me more”

Mori-san gasped and demanded.


The woman reflected in the mirror standing back was disgusting.


While there is a serious atmosphere, I realize once again that all women change when it comes to actions.


Mr. Mori: "I'm going... Hey, I'm going..."

If you continue the piston movement more violently,

Ms. Mori: "Ikuiku... no!!!" she screamed.


Immediately after screaming, she collapsed.She is crouching on the floor, her breathing ragged.


Mori-san: “I’m sorry.”


Afterwards she returns to the bed and shifts from woman on top posture to backward sitting posture.

Move your hips up and down.

We stimulated each other in a pleasant part.

Like flirting sex between lovers, Mr. Mori and P at night sought each other.


The bed is shaking.clashed violently.

P at night has been gradually attacked by ejaculation.

――Is it getting dangerous soon?


Put her in missionary position.

Spreading his crotch wide, P at night began to move his hips.Both beautiful legs like a model look up at the ceiling.

Mr. Mori: "An-an-an..."


At night P gradually speeds up the piston movement.


Yoru no P "Oh no, I think I'm cool too"


Mr. Mori: "'s okay...go ahead"


Night P "Iku... Iku..."


I could feel the sperm coming up my penis.Throbbing.

Penetrate your waist violently.




Mr. Mori: “You came out a lot. Fufu.”


Yoru no P: " head is spinning."


At night, the Ps hugged each other while completely naked.

Continued deep kiss to love each other.


After that, the night P and others died three times until the morning.


At 9:XNUMX in the morning, I left the hotel.


I usually don't take photos at night.

Is it because I went through a round with Mr. Mori?I feel so refreshed.


Evening P "Mori-san, why don't we take one last picture together?"


Mr. Mori: “Hmm. My smartphone is fine.”


That being said, she never sent me a photo of us together because she refused to be photographed with me.


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