Episode 3 The End of the First Date with Mr. B Is Unbelievable...

~ Until last time ~

An unpopular little 29-year-old man knocks on the door of the Universe and challenges his dad life!Mr. A, who applied first, will be honored... Mr. B, who will be offered next, is two years older than him, but he has a childlike Parisian piggyal!The meeting and negotiations were smoothly established, and the job was done! (smile)
After feeling happy, something unexpected happened...






On the way home after having a relaxing time at the hotel, Mr. B, instead of holding hands, crossed his arms as we walked together! !

I was worried that I wouldn't be worthy walking around with such a gaudy beauty, about 10cm tall, with my arms folded, but I was happy that people around me would look at me strangely.



Then, at the station, we parted ways to take different lines, but when we parted, she pulled down my mask.







Without breathing, he kissed me! ! ! !





The sudden turn of events made me look like a pigeon had been hit by a peashooter.






In the station where so many people come and go, such a beautiful woman kiss me? !




I couldn't hide my surprise at the sudden turn of events, but I didn't expect such a popular development to come to me who didn't make it! ! ! !
I thought it was good to do the universe.




However, I also didn't want to be disrespected, so when I was meeting Mr. B, I told him this.





"I'm going to meet other people from now on, and I'll see each person's personality and decide whether to continue the relationship."




Yes, at that time I had even more money to spare, so I was thinking of meeting a few women and choosing the one who would treat me with the most affection and sincerity, and continue our relationship.





And while looking for other women who are likely to be candidates, I decided to apply for a setting to female college student C!


Unlike Mr. B, he is a little petite and seems to be quiet, but he has clear features and a cute female college student.
I applied to Mr. C, expecting such a feeling that I could fall in love.

Also, since we live in the same prefecture, I thought it would be nice to go on a date nearby or have him come over to my house.

After applying for setting to Mr. C, a reply of acceptance came the next day,
"I was a C type, so depending on the flow, I'll have to find a good hotel nearby."
And so, I was excitedly waiting for the day we would meet.




However, one week before the scheduled date of meeting Mr. C, an employee contacted me.



“Mr. C was planning to set up with a different person, and today was the setting day, but he didn’t show up even after the scheduled time. ?"and…




To do such an irresponsible thing...was that kind of person...
She seems to be quiet, but I thought she was a serious female college student...



For the time being, I replied that I would consider it until the day before, and I tried to see how she was doing until the day before the setting, but in the end I hadn't heard from her, so it was canceled the day before.







How irresponsible! I thought it was ︎, but in fact, I will experience this kind of thing often as I proceed with my father's activities later on...





I was a little shocked by the incident with Mr. C, so I decided to face my relationship with Mr. B for a while.
However, Mr. B was really a mysterious personality like the entertainer Laura, and even if I communicated with him on the line, I felt that it was not a decent communication.

I felt a little uncomfortable about that point, but even on the second date, we had a physical relationship, and surprisingly, she drove me to the nearest station to my house, and even in the car when we parted. I kissed you at ︎



It's really flashy to do things like a movie ~

I'm always surprised, but I didn't feel bad (laughs).







The third date went smoothly, and it was almost spring, so
"Let's go cherry blossom viewing next time~"
"Let's go to Disney next time~"
I was happy to hear that, but I got the impression that he was a moody person, such as the reply to the line was capricious, so I searched for other people who seemed to be good, but well, I don't want to spend money like water. That's what I thought, and for the time being I continued my relationship with only her.




But something happened here that shocked the whole world...


Yes, the new coronavirus epidemic...


At the stage of discussing the fourth date, due to the influence of the epidemic, as a result of worrying about whether we should meet, I decided to leave it to her wishes and judgment!


her reply
"Even if you meet at a love hotel, there is a risk of infection, so come to my house!"
He said!



I was so happy that I had the opportunity to go to a girl's house while doing this activity! ! !


After that, when I contacted her for a meeting for the fourth date, I was worried that I would not be able to meet her on the day because her reply was mixed (laughs).

"We talked about going to see the cherry blossoms before, and I'll make a bento for you, so let's have a picnic and see the cherry blossoms in a park near our house~!"
He gave me a happy invitation, and headed for the fourth date with the threat of corona approaching.

More on this in the next column...


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