Vocational Student Edition: First Date

■ Synopsis up to the last time

I managed to make an appointment with Awahime for a date outside the store, and I decided to wait for that day!

In the first place, I never thought that I would be able to go on a date outside the store, and I'm really looking forward to it.


In the first place, this professional student is a child who met for the first time in the P-katsu app.

As far as I was talking, I didn't feel like I was deceiving him, so this kid was a hit!I was convinced, and we started dating for a while.


[Summary of children who are likely to continue with the P-live app]

・19-year-old vocational school students who cannot pay tuition fees

・ 35-year-old hostess who seems to have a strong guard


■ Date in Tokyo

Since he is a vocational student, I thought that he would be reluctant to travel by car, so I invited him.

Then, unexpectedly, I got a reply that it was OK, and I decided to go to the nearest station to the vocational student's home to pick me up!


We met at a rotary at a station about an hour north of Tokyo by car.

It seems that he is a part-time worker, and he came with baggage such as a part-time job uniform.


Professional student: "Thank you for picking me up here! Where are you going?"


I knew from talking to her that she was a fan of dolphins, so I told her that I would go there after making reservations in advance for a hotel restaurant in Shinagawa and a dolphin show.


Me: "You said you really like dolphins, didn't you? So I'm thinking of going to an aquarium in Shinagawa, is that okay?"

Professional student: "Oh! I'd love to go! Thank you!"

Me: "Dinner is good, isn't it? It's a little early, but how about before going to the aquarium?"

Professional student: "Yes. Thank you!"


Run the capital highway and take me to the hotel restaurant.


Me: “This restaurant has been my favorite place for a long time.

Professional student: "It's a very spacious and beautiful restaurant. There's a lot of food, so what should we do?"

Me: "For now, I've ordered a course meal, so you can order whatever food you like!"

Specialized student: "There are various things that make you hesitate? Then I will do it!"


The course meal started, and she ordered and ate her favorite food.

Table manners are okay too.Can I take you here and there?


Professional student: "The waitress who just came here looks like her mother!"

Me: "Huh? Who is it?"

Professional student: "Um! It's over there! It's that person!"


Hou.She is the mother of a 19 year old daughter.She's a lot younger than I am, and she's a pretty nice woman.Maybe my mother is better suited to me?bitter smile.


・・・ (Omitted) ・・・


Eat what you like each other to the fullest and go to the aquarium.


Professional student: "I've heard that there is an aquarium here, but this is the first time!"

Me: "It's not very big, but it's a famous date spot. It's even more fun if it's your first time, right?"


■To the aquarium. .

Shortly after entering, I entered an area where jellyfish were on display.


Professional student: "I also like jellyfish! Don't you feel calm when you look at them?"


Is he the kind of kid who likes to stare at jellyfish?

There are people who live in a hurry.


Me: "Yeah, I'm glad I brought you here!"


She seemed to like it very much and took lots of pictures.


Professional student: "How is it? Didn't you take a good picture?"

Me: "It's pretty neat! Do you like this kind of thing?"

Professional student: "Yes.


I spent a little too much time in this area, but I'm following the route...


■ Dolphin show

I was in time for the dolphin show, and sat down while worrying about choosing a seat that would be easy for the two of us to see.

Two shots to commemorate the first date here!Pasha!

While looking at the picture, this child is a hit ~!I think again.


The opening of the dolphin show has begun.

The girl next to me seems to be organizing her photos.


Me: "What happened? It's started?"

Professional student: "I'm deleting old photos because there are too many photos and I won't be able to take a dolphin show."


eh?I used to think that photos were something to be kept for record, but it seems that kids these days delete them without hesitation if they don't need it.


Me: "By the way, how many GB does the smartphone have?"

Professional student: "Probably XNUMXGB!"

Me: "Huh? Isn't that an old smartphone? Isn't it going to be full of photos soon?"

Professional student: "That's right. I asked my parents to buy it for me, but I couldn't fit a lot of photos in it..."


Even so, what is XNUMXGB? .

Even so, the girl next to me was happily watching the dolphin show and taking lots of pictures.


■ Delivery to your home

The dolphin show is over, and it's my first date, so I have to go home early!I asked in the car on the way to send a little early.


Me: "Hakkeijima is bigger than the dolphin show, but have you ever been there?"

Vocational student: "I've never been there, so I'd like to go someday! I've even heard that you can touch dolphins!"

Me: "Come to think of it, I've heard that story before. I'll look into it, so why don't you go next time?"

Vocational student: "I'm happy! I'll check the status of part-time shifts and school classes, so please!"


■After the first date. .

I was 19 years old, so I thought it would be difficult to talk about, but it wasn't so much.

Rather, I don't feel like a student.

Isn't it a lie that acquaintances say you're a professional student?You have been deceived!I've been told that, but there's no way to confirm that, so I'm going to wait and see how it goes for the time being.


For the time being, I've made a new promise, and she's a pretty sweet girl~.

I am looking forward to the next date.

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